I consider myself pretty young in my faith and still learning my way around and I guess it's kind of funny, but at times I feel like I am learning more than our second graders as we teach them about the life of Jesus Christ each Sunday at church.  My biggest struggle right now is reading scripture on a regular basis.    I grew up in a Catholic home and for whatever reason, reading scripture outside of church was not something that was taught and so along with just being lazy, it has been a new concept for me. I know I should, and I want to, I just don't do it regularly.

I am so excited to be heading down to Birmingham today because I get to spend the weekend with such a dear friend AND attend a LifeWay women's event called DeeperStill, words that really sum up what God has put on my heart in this season I'm in; to go deep in his Word, daily.  To make it a priority each and every day to spend time deep in scripture to hear God speak to me.

I've never been to a conference like this before and I am beyond excited to spend two days immersed in God's Word, going deeper into prayer, and worshiping our Lord alongside thousands of godly women eager to deepen their relationship with Christ. I pray that all the women there this weekend, including myself, leave having a deeper relationship with God than they did when they arrived, and that it creates a burning desire in all our hearts to continue to listen to Him speak through His Word and go deeper still.

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