Showering Baby Kingsbury

A couple of weekends ago was my older sister's baby shower.   If you missed the last post, Jenn and her husband Andrew's first baby is due June 9th,  Since they decided they didn't want to find out the sex of the baby, we have been referring to my future neice or nephew as Baby Kingsbury or the little peanut although I do believe they have either chosen Audrey Grace Kingsbury or John Anthony Kingsbury (aka Jack) as the baby's name. It was so much fun helping plan for the shower, spending hours looking at baby clothes and all the other bells and whistles that baby's need.  I hadn't seen her since Christmas when she was just starting to pop out, so you could imagine my reaction when I saw her a few months later!

I freaked out (in a joyful way of course)! Helloooo mama! Little Baby Kingsbury is a growing little peanut and has definitely made his/her's presence known and we aunt's couldn't be happier!

The theme of the baby shower was Build Baby's Library.  Jenn is a middle school English teacher and LOVES to read, so it was very fitting. =) We decided to go all out with the theme and decorate the entire house with books and some of Jenn's childhood friends!

We also made her a diaper cake like you do for any baby shower =), except this one was made with cloth diapers. YUP. Who knew they still made those? I sure didn't... shows how much I know about babies..  They are pretty easy to assemble, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as we were putting it together but you can easily find directions on the web.  Here was our end result:

We asked for everyone who was attending to pick out their favorite children's book to bring along to help build Baby Kingsbury's library.  My mom is a kindergarten teacher and brought home some library slips from school for guests to write their name on with a little note to stick on the inside cover of the book.  Knowing we needed some way to display these, I found the cutest wooden book ends on etsy.com.

They arrived unfinished, screaming for some pastel paint.  My crafty little sister found the cutest gender neutral pattern she could find and with a little bit of paint we ended up with a lovely pair of bookends.

We decided to go all out with the theme and decorate the entire house with books and some of Jenn's childhood friends!

We stuffed our faces for a while and then it was ready for the baby momma to open her gifts! I've never eating so much food or seen such cute baby accessories in my life!  

Thank you Fancy Pantry for never failing to impress my taste buds.  As well as Alpine Bakery and Piece of Cake for delicious desserts!

Only 3 short months left until we get to meet sweet little Audrey Grace or handsome John Anthony and I can't wait! I'm so excited for this new chapter of life to begin for Jenn and Andrew and I know without a doubt they will be amazing parents.  What an amazing story their journey has already been, I can only image what God has in his plans for them and their growing family.

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