March Maddness

March proved to be a super busy month filled with birthdays, fun events and of course, my husbands release of his first EP! =)  We started out the month on a high music note, attending Sherry Lynn's CSR dinner. Sherry is an up and coming, very talented country artist who throws a dinner each year during Nashville's CSR week. The dinner party was held at the Fontell Mansion which was once the home of Barbara Mandrell as well as the location for the VH1 reality show, Gone Country. Cool huh? But, I completely forgot to bring my camera. Bummer.

We also were pumped to go to the Man vs. Food taping at Roosters BBQ only to find out Adam (the host) wasn't actually going to be the one eating the ridiculously large 72 oz. steak, 2 sides, a salad and roll. Boo.  We got there at 4... I left at 8 and they still hadn't even started the challenge. Major disappointment.

A few weeks later one of our friends here in Nashville turned 30 and group of guys threw a surprise party just for him.  It was a really great time and he was totally surprised! To make it even more interesting, Dave Haywood, one of the members of Lady Antebellum, showed up and hung out for a while. Apparently this is a normal thing in downtown Nashville.

The best part of March though, is the fact that both mine and Bobby's birthdays are in this month.  I LOVE birthdays. Seriously, I do.  I love everything about them, the planning, the celebrating (which I make sure lasts at least a week), the presents... and the obvious excuse to have a party. 

This year I was lucky enough to have a sinus infection AND pink eye on my big 2-5 birthday. I know, what better way to celebrate a quarter century? My thoughts exactly. Before things got too bad and the pink eye hit, we were able to spend a lovely day at the park together, playing catch and reading scripture together while basking in the short lived, but oh so loved sunshine. He somehow was able to convince me I didn't look sick enough for us to still go out and have a romantic dinner together to celebrate.  Dinner was absolutely delicious... I looked ridiculous.  I'm still convinced our waiter thought I was drugged up or something since my eyes were still so swollen and red. Oh well.

Bobby's birthday was a few weeks later and I had some amazing plans for us set up until the sky decided to open up... and it hasn't stopped raining since. So those plans are on hold indefinitely for the time being, or until Mr. Sunshine decided to make another appearance.   We also had a birthday lunch planned for him as a way for us to celebrate with all our friends and family in town for his EP Release but also so he would have some time to hang out with everyone before the show.  The one downside to big shows like this is since he is up on stage performing, he never has time to hang out, bummer.  We made sure to fix that this time and I think it really worked out well!

 We ended the month with Bobby's EP Release Party that was a HUGE success.  We had been praying for months for everything to go smoothly that night and that there would be a great turn out as well, and boy oh boy did God provide!! He blew us away! The band Bobby had that night playing with him was phenomenal, his energy was through the roof, and vocals were spot on.  Not only that, but we packed the place out! It was more than anything we could have wished for and are so excited continue down this music filled road. Stay tuned because here will be much more to come as Bobby starts planning for his Show Case and Album! For now, here are some shots from the night, courtesy of my sister-in-law, Casey!

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