Mother's Day

As I sat in church on Sunday listening to one of our pastors pray for Mother's Day I was consumed with a flood of thoughts and emotions about the day.  I immediately began thinking of my own mom and how much I love her, how blessed I feel she is my mom and how wished I could be there on this special day with her. The pastor mentioned gratitude and I think that is something we so easily forget. To be grateful for our godly mothers and their influence on us to trust our God, even just through their actions. Grace. I can't think of a more graceful woman than my mom.  Through dealing with 4 crazy kids, 4 moves and life in between, looking back I can say she has always carried herself with the utmost grace and patience.  Unconditional love.  My mom has been such a picture of God's unconditional love for us through the unconditional love she has always showed me, my siblings and my dad.  Her and I have had many ups and downs through my rebellious adolescent years all the way through college (God bless her) and through God's grace and her unconditional love, it has evolved into the beautiful relationship we share now. I praise and thank God for her and our special relationship everyday.  I'm not a mother yet, but when that day comes, as long as I look to God for guidance and use what I've learned from watching her all these year, I pray that I may be half the mother she has been to me.

Our pastor continued on praying for mothers who have or are dealing with sorrow and loss, especially the loss of a child.  In Sunday school that morning we watched a video of Jesus' crucifixion and the picture of His mother raced back into my mind.  The picture of her screaming out in extreme sorrow and distress with tears streaming down her face as she watched her child being nailed to a cross and later dying before her eyes.   Now, we know the glory that came from our Savior dying for our sins but in that very moment, for a mother, that thought pains my heart and makes my stomach drop.  And so, my heart an prayers go out to those mother's who have suffered the loss of a child as Mary did.  He continued on from there praying for any child dealing with the heartache of a mother who has passed.  For anyone in either of these situations, I pray that you find comfort in the Lord knowing that He hears every prayer, He is sovereign, and He has you wrapped up in His arms.

A few months back, one of mine and Bobby's high school friends lost his mom to cancer.  As we sat and talked about the heartache that must come from a loss like that, thoughts and feelings began to stir in Bobby and not long after, he ended up with the song below. I cannot even fathom how our friend and his family feel, but I pray with all my heart they find comfort in our Lord.

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