Revamped Kitchen Shelves

Along with no dishwasher or disposal, my very old kitchen is also lacking a pantry.  In it's place is this somewhat outdated shelving unit:

When we moved in, I used the shelves as intended, for a pantry. My mom and I both agreed, it was a bad idea. "Your guests do no want to see your messy food storage during your dinner party." She made a good point. You may want to shield your eyes...
Since we are only renters, the stripping and painting make-over I'd like to give these shelves is just not in the cards.  So, after spending a good part of my Sunday afternoon drooling over some beautiful kitchens on the Internet, I think I've finally solved my dilemma.  

This was one my favorites from my massive search that I used as inspiration:

I really love the white against the yellow in this picture and the baskets they used on the bottom shelf. I tried to recreate some things from it with what I had, and here is how things ended up.

I'm pretty happy with it and it really opened up a lot of cabinet space! I'm also still working on the bottom shelf... I'm looking for wicker baskets for the empty floor area.  On the top shelf, I'd like to eventually just have a couple of large white pitchers and maybe large bowl so it's not terribly cluttered, but I don't have big white pitchers yet... and I'm also lacking storage for my vases and candle sticks. So until then, that will be their home.

Happy decorating!

Here are the shelves again a few months later after some rearranging (and the accidental breaking of my beautiful cake dome!).


Downtown Living

This post is about 2 months late but better late then never right?

At the beginning of June, we headed out of the suburbs to give city living a go. It was The.Longest.Day.Ever. But, I'm much closer to the locations I visit for work and Bobby is only 10 minutes from Music Row so, it was definitely worth the oh so tiring and drama filled move. I'm a city girl at heart, so I am in love. Bobby likes it too, but mainly because there is a yard for him to do manly things in. I'm sure we'll eventually move back out to the good 'ole suburbs some time down the road, but for now, we're calling ourselves city folk.

We're renting an old rennovated bungalow that is jammed packed with character. I love it. The one thing I don't love, is the fact that we are still getting ourselves unpacked and moved in. I know, I know.. I've realized that summer is the worst time to move. We've been out of town almost every weekend since the the move and on top of the both of us working, we've had about zero time to do anything. I've already decided that the next time we move, I'm making sure it's in during the winter so we are forced to stay inside due to the cold. Then I'll have no excuses and maybe get unpacked in a timely manner... =)

All that said, without further adou, here is our charming little bungalow.

This room is TBD... we have no left over furniture and 2 piles of miscelanous stuff that we have no where to put. I'll keep you posted as to what we decide to do with it, but suggestions are welcome!
This is the hallway leading to the bathroom and 2 bedrooms on either side.

This is our bedroom. The 2nd room looks pretty similar, but it's been turned into our storage room for the moment and has gotten pretty cluttered. I figured I'd save you from the mess.
 Yes, that's a door but don't worry, it's bolted shut. =)

That's it for now. As you can see from the photo's, there are no pictures on the walls, or curtains on the windows (some)...  We'll get there one day. 


Happy Birthday Big Sister

Today is your birthday and I'm coming to celebrate with you. You now have a kid whil that slightly freaks me out, it makes me admire and look up to you even more than I already do. The last time I saw you, you were sporting a cute 6 month baby bump; today when I see you, you'll be sporting a little nugget in your arms. I hope you enjoy every minute of your oh so special day. 

I did not get you a gift (sorry) so I decided instead, my gift to you is that I'll watch your baby whenever you want while I'm there so you can do things like shower, eat, nap, etc. I love you so much! Happy happy birthday!


Cuddle Bug

Around this time tomorrow, Bobby and I will be flying out to Emerald Isle, NC to meet our nephew for the first time. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. Here are the top three things contributing to uncontainable excitement:

1. Being with my entire family for a long weekend,

2. Spending as much time as possible on the beach so my skin can finally catch up with the with the fact that it is summer,

3. Cuddle with this little guy every chance I get

Seriously, could he be any cuter...?
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