Revamped Kitchen Shelves

Along with no dishwasher or disposal, my very old kitchen is also lacking a pantry.  In it's place is this somewhat outdated shelving unit:

When we moved in, I used the shelves as intended, for a pantry. My mom and I both agreed, it was a bad idea. "Your guests do no want to see your messy food storage during your dinner party." She made a good point. You may want to shield your eyes...
Since we are only renters, the stripping and painting make-over I'd like to give these shelves is just not in the cards.  So, after spending a good part of my Sunday afternoon drooling over some beautiful kitchens on the Internet, I think I've finally solved my dilemma.  

This was one my favorites from my massive search that I used as inspiration:

I really love the white against the yellow in this picture and the baskets they used on the bottom shelf. I tried to recreate some things from it with what I had, and here is how things ended up.

I'm pretty happy with it and it really opened up a lot of cabinet space! I'm also still working on the bottom shelf... I'm looking for wicker baskets for the empty floor area.  On the top shelf, I'd like to eventually just have a couple of large white pitchers and maybe large bowl so it's not terribly cluttered, but I don't have big white pitchers yet... and I'm also lacking storage for my vases and candle sticks. So until then, that will be their home.

Happy decorating!

Here are the shelves again a few months later after some rearranging (and the accidental breaking of my beautiful cake dome!).

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