Game Day Weekend

This past weekend, Bobby and I headed down to Atlanta to celebrate his sister's birthday and of course, Georgia's first game of the season!  Aside from the fact that it was a pretty sad game, I was so happy we made the trip down to spend some time with all our friends.  I haven't attended a UGA game day in a couple of years, so I was also super excited to put on my red, black and white (courtesy of my mother-in-law) =).

The weekend started at the BETA Alumni tailgate downtown. It's always fun getting together with this group. No matter how long its been, you find yourself picking up right where you left off having the most amazing life talks.


Then we headed to the sad, sad game with my husband's sister and fiance! Even though the end result was a bummer, we still had a good time.

We ended the weekend celebrating Jamie's 18th birthday! I love, love, love this family and I am so happy we could celebrate such a big day with Jamie! (Even though I still can't believe she is 18)!!


Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope y'all stay safe and dry during this crazy weather!

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  1. i like your black skirt and I'm sad i wasn't there to dominate can jam :(


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