I am SO behind in posts it is unreal. I think I have about 4 more drafts in my post list right now so bear with me because I'm about to bombard you with them this week. =)
First up, our house.

Remember this room??
Well, we finally cleared out all of our junk,

moved in our dining table, and now it looks like this:

It's not finished, clearly, but sure looks a lot better than before, not to mention I now have a FUNCTIONING dining room. Heck yes!
Two thumbs up for making progress (and a lot of help from my mom and aunt)!

So what happened to the kitchen nook you say? Well, we decided to make that a multifunctioning room. Sound interesting? I'll tell you more. We moved the desk out of the teeny tiny guest room (so our guests in a few weeks won't feel like they are being gobbled up by all our stuff) and moved it into the the kitchen nook. Bobby's parents are also loaning us a small round kitchen table from their basement. Hello awesome in-laws! (They really are quite amazing). We don't have the table yet, that will be coming in mid-October with my parents, so for now it is another half empty room, but with a plan. =) Waahoo!

Check it out:

I'm also hoping to find a cheep comfy chair to put in the corner with a floor lamp if it will fit. We'll see.

After having our friends over for a fabulous night of fellowship, we quickly realized that our living room was NOT convo friendly. So after they left, we did a quick switch-er-ooo with the furniture (best and cheapest way to freshen up a room in my opinion) and went from this:

to this:

I'm so much happier with the layout, much more cozy. All we need are some pictures on the wall and a sofa table behind the love seat. (Oh, and a fabulous lantern I found in Hobby Lobby).
Ok ok, so we were pretty productive this weekend. Not only did we move furniture, we also unpacked the last of our boxes!! Wooohoo!

Now, if you'll just pray for me that we don't end up moving again in June, that would be awesome!!

Next up, our guest room. Stay tuned.

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