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This past weekend we enjoyed the company of Bobby's sister, Casey and her fiance Michael. We really missed his youngest sister, Jamie, but still managed to enjoy our short weekend together! (Next time J, for sure)! They rolled into town Friday night to catch Bobby's concert out in the middle of nowhere in the cute little town of Mount Pleasant, TN.  Unfortunately I had to work, story of my life, but Casey made sure to take plenty of pictures and videos for me to feel like I was there the whole time and Bobby brought me home some fish taco's to help me feel included in their fun family dinner I missed. =) Thanks guys.

Saturday morning we enjoyed Chef Bobby's pancakes (a staple breakfast in our house if you're ever a guest) made with olive oil (accident) and then headed out to explore Nashville's farmers market. Here's the gist: farmers market + a love for cooking + no money = farmers market blues.

I did try to convince my husband that we desperately needed at least two pumpkins to show our Halloween spirit to all our trick or treaters we'll have this year because no one ever goes to the houses that aren't decorated, duh. And everyone knows you are supposed to buy one pumpkin for each person in the family (pets included) so clearly we could not just buy one.  Apparently I was pretty convincing.

We ate a delicious lunch at Puckett's Grocery, a Nashville must if you like southern food, and then headed off to the UGA vs. Vanderbilt game.  I didn't take any pictures. Sorry. It was fun.. but very long. But fun.

Sunday was fun day. We got in pretty late Saturday night so we all slept in, ate a little breakfast and headed down the street to the park to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.  Ever played Can Jam? Me neither, until yesterday. If you like tailgating games, you'll enjoy this one. Here's how it works. You have two "cans", a frisbee and a partner. You and your partner stand on opposite sides behind the cans. Then one at a time you throw the frisbee towards your partner who tries to hit it into the can.  There are points associated with where the frisbee goes but I never really pay attention to the details so I don't really remember that part. Anyway, Bobby and I dominated the first game but got worked by Casey and Michael in the second.

We decided to continue the competition will some good 'ole fashion hill rolling but found out that Bobby doesn't know how to roll... (?) so we had to teach him before we began but he quickly caught on. The sequence Casey captured is pretty funny, at least we think so. If your friend or spouse or sibling doesn't know how to roll, here's the lesson:
First laugh and explain they should probably be a little sad that they didn't have more fun as a kid...
Then tell them to tuck and roll. Easy peasy.

They may be confused so you will probably have to talk them through the first one.

They may not get it the first time, so you might also have to help them through it.

Then they're ready to compete.

We finished with a quick engagement shoot of the cute couple.... clearly in love...

Casey ate grass while rolling down the hill...

All good fiances pick grass out of your teeth.

and finally a self-timer family photo because we're weird like that. =)

All in all it was a great weekend and we were sad to see them go. Hopefully they had enough fun rolling down hills with us that they'll be back to visit soon.

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  1. So it looks like a ton of fun and everything.. But I did notice one thing was missing.... YOUR KAN JAM STICKERS that go on the cans! Truly classes everything up. Y'all should come to our house and we will show you. Miss you. Love you.


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