I'm still here...

I promise.

Somehow I blink and an entire week just flies by. I have every intention of sitting down each night to finish one of my 3 million post's I've started but lately my time has been consumed with catching up on mounds of laundry after having a broken washing machine (I'll spare you the picture), as well as...

road trips with him

to surprise this her,

dancing my socks off at our YoungLife glow sticks club,

getting ready for her to come visit this weekend (yay!!!),

and way more time than I'd like spent creating this fabulous program,

to help people stop killing themselves with these,


So between all of that, and trying to update my blog (please excuse the work in progress and my missing background!), and about a million other things that I figured I wouldn't bore you with, somehow it ends up being way past my bedtime and blogging must be put off for yet another day.  I do promise, however, that the next few posts will be filled with decorations, recipes and whatever else I can come up with. =)

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:
Yes that is a mustache and that would be Bobby "turned off".

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