On the Radio

Hello my friends! I have some pretty exciting news to share tonight! My fabulous husband will be on the RADIO tomorrow (Monday)!! Wahoo!!! I know! I am freaking out!!

He'll will be performing live in New York at the Evolution Sound Stage for the taping of 103.9 WRCN's The Real Radio Show.  The show will be broadcast live on their website (www.therealradioshow.com) Monday (11/14) at  **6PMEST** (**5pm** for all you central time zoners).  You need to click on "Live Studio Camera" to watch and listen.  Though 103.9 WRCN is Long Island's Classic Rock radio station, the Real Radio Show is a multi-genre format which is why they've asked Bobby on the show!  He's a guest along with a few other groups/artist's so he won't be on the entire time, if we get more details about when exactly he'll be on, I'll be sure to update the post.

I am so proud of Bobby and so thankful for this opportunity God has given him and am still trying to wrap my around the fact that I will be listening to him on the radio! Crazy!! 

So, if you're living in NY or have access to a computer, tune in!

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