Christmas in Our Home

2 days before Christmas and I am finally posting this... I told you I would post it before Christmas! ;) Honestly though, I can't tell you how much I love this time of year (minus the cold weather although it's be like 70 degrees here the last couple of days). The decorating, the food, the decorating, the parties, the smell of Christmas trees, the decorating, the music... I could go on and on but lets get to the decorating.

Can I get a show of hands of those who googled and pinterested (is that even a word?) for hours scouring the Internet for holiday decorating ideas? My hand is  up, waving in the air.  Without these sources I'm pretty sure my house would be the ugliest decorated home you've ever seen.  I need a picture to tell me where to put what so it doesn't look like I unloaded half our belongings onto a shelf in a disorganized cluster.  

Anyway. I've decorated our house and wanted to share what I've done for all you out there who are like me and need a picture for guidance. =)  We still have no tree topper, I feel like my table is rather bare and we have no stockings but when your on a super tight budget, those things must just wait.  But, without further adieu...here is Christmas in our home. =)

*(I rushed around this morning taking pictures before I left for work so they aren't the most fabulous looking pics, but you'll get the idea).

 This year I used jute instead of ribbon for our presents. I also bought plain cardboard looking card stock and cut it into the shape of labels. Super easy and super cheap.

When using fake anything (like garland) I like mixing it with the real deal to make it look more natural.  On our mantel I mixed into our garland with some branches from our Christmas tree. 

A quick wrap of gold wire helped spruce up our candles.

Even our little birdies got festive for the season.

Obviously, still making use of the cinnamon pine cones... =)

Here is another example of mixing fake decor with the real deal.  In the vase is a mixture of plastic branches and berries with some sticks and the greenery is from our tree.

Love, love the Willow Tree nativity.

A little Christmas in the kitchen..

And that about sums it up.... there were a few smaller decorations here and there but I was too distracted by our super cute visitor to take pictures of them...

I seriously can't get enough of those chubby cheeks!

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