Keep on Truckin'

"It's too cold", "I'm sleepy", "It's too cold", "I'm too busy", "It's too cold", "I need to spend time with the family"...womp, womp, womp. Any of this sound familiar when the thought of exercise pops into your head this time of year?  My husband hears at least one of these every other day.  But! I know how great it feels once you get finished with that run or yoga class or whatever work out you enjoy, and I also know how not so great it feels when those already puffy sweaters start to make me feel like a marshmallow, so I do my best to keep on truckin' through this miserably cold time of year.

Here's are some tips if you can relate...
  • Plan ahead.  Seriously though, plan ahead. Plan ahead. Catch my drift? =)  Spend a few minutes working out a training program that you will be able to follow during this time, even if it changes week to week.  Simply putting pen to paper and taking it along with you (in your purse, wallet, etc. especially if your traveling a lot this month) will help keep you stay focused and on track.   This doesn't need to be anything crazy so relax. =)  Focus on maintaining your current level of fitness instead of trying to improve during this time.  This will take some pressure off and make it easier to adhere to your plan.
  • Try to get your exercising in early in the morning.  As the day evolves, you are more likely to get involved in other activities, chores, facebook, pinterest, etc. that could lower your motivation to exercise.  Also, I don't know about you, but with it getting dark here at 4:30PM, I feel ready for bed at 5:30PM and so the last thing I want to do is work out.  If an a.m. workout isn't doable with your schedule (or you are not a morning person--join the club), going directly to the gym from work (no pit stops at home, the grocery store or where ever else) has made a huge difference for me.
  • When your out of town for the holidays (or have visitors): include your family and friends in your training program.  Involving family and friends will make it easier for you to get out there every day, and also benefit the people who come with you.
  • Find a buddy.  I promise you are not the only one who is lacking in the motivation department right now.  Recruit a friend or two, or drag along your better half, and go together. Knowing you are meeting someone will help keep you accountable and makes it much harder to convince yourself not to go.
  • Set small targets.  If you wake up tired and you cannot face the thought of going out for your daily exercise, bargain with yourself.  Tell yourself that you will only walk for 10 minutes.  Chances are that once you start, your head will clear; you will get into a rhythm, and end up doing your normal time anyway.  If that 10 minute walk is all the happens, pat yourself on the back for getting up and moving and continue along your merry way.  It maybe wasn't what you "should" have done, but you didn't stay in bed and skip it all together, so kudos to you my friend! (I am all about the small victories if you haven't noticed).

Any other suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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