Hey friends! Sorry I've been MIA! We were in Georgia all last week for Christmas, it was great!  I had every intention in sharing this post with you this past weekend when we got home but this cold I got last week has completely knocked me off my feet. Better late than never I suppose!

Anyway. As 2011 began to wrap up, I found myself looking back and reflecting on all the ups and downs and twists and turns that took place throughout the year.  It also reminded me of why I even started this blog in the first place, as a way to reflect and savor all the wonderful moments that have taken place.  I have to be honest.. I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago but every time I would go back to find pictures, or link to a post, I got completely lost in them. It was wonderful but totally prolonged the process..

The beginning of this year was tough for me.  I was in a pretty low place spiritually, feeling completely disconnected from God. It was like I was standing in a dark room unable to find a window or a door, or even a light switch.  I thought of the Israelites, waiting for years upon years to hear from God again, but nothing and all I could think of was how long will I have to wait? Not exactly my finest moment, but I still remember the spring day a couple of months later that I blogged about; the blue sky and the flowers blooming. The spring day when God finally revealed himself to me. The veil had been removed from my eyes, my ears had been open and I could here Him speaking to me.  I was starting to see that even the darkest of times, He was still there, and I was beginning to feel the work He had been doing in my heart the whole time.

So many amazing things happened as the year continued... here are some highlights:

Bobby and I celebrated our 25th birthdays together (mine with pink eye/his at his Release Party)

We prepared ourselves for that first ever EP Release party which was awesome (I swear I'm not bias)

I changed jobs (YAY!) and we moved downtown to the East side of Nashville

My sister and her husband welcomed their first baby and the cutest little man to the world,  (and my godson), Jack! (more pics of him in a bit)

Our group of friends expanded with babies too (this is little Miss Veda Jane below. You can see more cute pictures of her over at Twirl)

A whole HEAP of our friends tied the knot and joined in on the most fun and crazy adventure ever--marriage!

Bobby and I were baptized; the most beautiful and life changing day of my life.

We celebrated our first year of marriage (Wahoo!!) with Chinese food on the couch in our pj's =)

I lead an amazing group of sophomore high school girls at a weekend YoungLife camp (both a amazing and exhausting!)  I love these sweet girls!

Bobby's music hit the radio waves and the road!

So now this is supposed to be the part where I go into our Christmas vacation back in Georgia to end the year via pictures but... I didn't take any. Well, I did, but with my sister's super awesome DSLR camera but I completely forgot to copy the pics to my computer before we left... bummer. I should have them soon, so that will just have to be a separate (very late) post..... typical.

OK so I lied... I did actually take some pictures... My mom and I had a random impromptu photo shoot of my nephew one afternoon while we were watching him try to eat the Christmas ornaments.  You would think with as many pictures of him as I took he was my kid, but no, just my nephew. It makes me wonder what will happen when we have our own kids... =)  I'm slightly obsessed with him. He's six months old, super awesome and totally adorable. Like Gerber baby adorable.So here's Christmas through my camera:

Stay tuned for the rest of Christmas! Coming soon?... Let's hope!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! You had quite a year!Your nephew is adorable!! And where did you get that gray shirt dress? Love it :-)

  2. Marshall's girl!! It was like 15 bucks! I love me some Marshalls.

  3. what a great year indeed! im sorry it started out rough for you but God is ever faithful and it seemed to show that throughout the year. just found your blog today. so glad I did!

  4. So glad you found my blog Amanda! I am loving yours. I've been a YoungLife leader for the last 3 years and just stopped in November when we moved to CA. So automatically I like you :)


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