Shout out to Chicago!

Cool Music is heading north as my husband makes is first ever debut in the Windy City! Wahoo!  If you live in the Chicago area, like country music and your in the mood for some live entertainment, head out to the Elbo Room!

What's that you say? You wish he would come play in Iowa?? Well, today is your lucky day my friend! Bobby will be in Bettendorf, Iowa Tuesday night playing a Christmas show at The Clubhouse Indoor Golf & Lounge.  Click here for more details.

PS. Things are (obviously) under construction over here... sorry for the mess.  Updating the blog it is taking much longer than I expected.  Bear with me... =)

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  1. ahhhh! do you get to go to???? i laughed out loud at "you wish he would come to iowa?" oh i miss you.


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