Who I am.

As I continue to post exercise tips, healthy recipes and ways to stay motivated through this busy time of year, the thought crosses my mind every time, "When people read this, what are they thinking of me?" I hope that doesn't come off sounding conceited because that is not the direction I'm going with this.

I've spent countless hours over the last few weeks trying to update this blog to better represent me, the author, so readers like you know who this lady is that is babbling about scheduling time for yourself to be healthy even when you’re working full time, taking care of a family and just trying to stay sane. You can read more about me and my professional background in the "about" page but I wanted to take a moment to give you a peek into who I am and who I am not on a personal level before I published the next post in my healthy holiday tips series.

I am health conscious and do make it a daily effort to be healthy. That looks different every day. Some days it's just trying to eat a few vegetables or a piece fruit. Other days it's getting in a good workout. Most days it's both. It's part of my job. I always tell people, would you ever go to a dentist who has rotting teeth? No. So, would you reach out for wellness assistance to a person who doesn't practice healthy habits themselves? No. I believe you should practice what you preach.

I am not perfect. I struggle from time to time with the consistency of my nutrition and fitness habits too.  So while I post these tips, please do not think I do all of them all of the time. I don't think I have ever worked out 7 days out of the week and my favorite food is mac n' cheese which I eat (by itself) as my dinner probably once a week.  I believe if living healthy is part of your lifestyle, moderation is the key. 

I am passionate about health for the health benefits not for the appearance benefits. Through high school and college I struggled with an eating disorder, so I am very careful to focus on the health benefits of what this lifestyle is accomplishing, and not what I'm seeing in the mirror. I know that this is a struggle for so many women (and some men) out there and I want to be sure those who are reading this blog understand the position I’m coming from.  I'm not posting these tips and suggestions to help you look more like that super model you saw strutting down the runway during this year's Victory Secret fashion show. My motivation behind these health related posts is to help people understand the small and simple things they can do to become a healthier person one step at a time. Maybe that’s trying to drink more water each day, maybe that is trying to walk a few days a week, maybe that's incorporating strength training into your current fitness routine to prevent osteoporosis, or maybe that's just trying to take 5 minutes a day to manage your stress. The point is, it looks different for everyone and every little bit counts.

I am broken sinner who struggles like everyone else. We're human. The biggest lesson I learned when I became a believer (and am still learning) is I cannot do life alone and this healthy lifestyle I lead is not an exception. I have learned I must lean and rely solely on my Savior for strength, motivation and right thinking. When I do, I understand His reason behind my passion for health, to help & empower others to take steps towards a healthier life and I know I must be of sound mind to hear and do His will. When I'm not leaning on the Him and trying to do things myself, I struggle to have the right motivation and thinking behind my diet and fitness routine. My motivation becomes selfish, and the thoughts and voices that caused my eating problems long ago start to creep back into my mind. I know now to lean the Lord for that peace and right thinking but those weak moments still rear their ugly head from time to time. I'm only human.


Like I said, stay tuned for the next post in the holiday tips series which will touch on how to manage your calories at parties with all those festive holiday drinks.

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