Christmas & New Years

Two weeks into the new year... could be worse. Well, actually it is. I still don't have all the pictures from my sisters camera but enough for you to get "the picture". Honestly, the rest are all of Jack anyway. =) The pictures from Christmas with Bobby's family are courtesy of my sister-in-law... boy do I feel needy. Hah. I guess I could have gone without but let's be honest, posts are way more fun when there are photo's. Yes? Yes.

We had a full house at my parents.  My older sister and her cute little fam came down from Emerald Isle (way too far away!), my younger sis was home from college (Valdosta State) and the little (really not so little) bro is always home because he's still in high school =). We also had my mom's parents and her brother in town.  Or house isn't teeny, the 6 of us fit in it rather comfortably growing up, but add in a few spouses, a babe and in-laws and it can get a bit crowded but I believe that is the best recipe for a holiday.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house.  Since I can remember my dad has recreated the Feast of the Seven Fish. I wrote a little about what it is in last years (2010) Christmas post.  Here's the whole family:
(this was a pretty big ordeal to get everyone in the picture with eyes open and smiling)
This led into a 10 minute, super entertaining photo shoot. Here are some of my fav's:
Little brother and sister. Aren't they precious.  I feel like the third picture should be in a Sears's catalog.

This picture is so weird to look at it makes me laugh. We look awkward... so not ready for a baby yet. =) 
Completely out of focus and off center...typical.

After we ate our way through the seven delicious courses we finished the night as always with my dad reading The Night Before Christmas.

We slept at Bobby's parents house that night so we could wake up with them Christmas morning.  We totally took the typical "kids on the stairs" picture but thank goodness my sister-in-law didn't post it. =)  Just use your imagination.

Christmas morning at the Cool's was filled with surprises.  Bobby and his sisters went in together to put all their VHS video's on DVD for their parents.  To say they were shocked would be an understatement.

Before I get into the next part of the morning, here's a a little background to the story to catch you up to speed...

3 months ago my engagement ring snapped. in. half.

...and here you have it.

Who knew metal could snap in half like that? Surely not me. The worst part is that it wasn't insured! Yikes!  It was all pretty upsetting but we talked it out and I came to terms with the fact that there were much more important things to be spending our money on right now (like getting out of debt) to be throwing it towards fixing the ring, or getting a new one.  I had my wedding band to keep me company in the mean time.  So in my head I had figured that 5 years or so down the road we'd be able to get a replacement. Little did I know....

Bobby handed me a huge and heavy box as my present and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it could be.  When I opened it I found a stack of old magazines ( I should have known) that were weighing it down so much, and a tiny little gift bag.  Inside the gift bag was the zip lock baggy the two pieces of my engagement ring were in but it was empty! It was at the point I started sweating and shaking profusely.  The next thing I pulled out was the original box my ring came in with a small little ring bag inside (insert me totally freaking out here saying "What? What?! What!?!?" over and over. Maybe out loud, maybe in my head, I don't really remember.  Low and behold, inside the little baggy was my ring, all in one piece looking shiny and new. CRAZY!!! I was in such shock I couldn't stop shaking for like 20 minutes.  What a wonderful man.

I know we are so blessed to have both our families live so closely to each other (even if it is a little tiring at times) and I know one day when this isn't the case anymore, I will miss it.  After presents with his family we headed back over to my parents house for presents and church. After church it was back over to the Cool's for Christmas Day dinner. Wshoo!

In a nut shell, that was our Christmas!!

We were back in Nashville for New Years.  It was kind of weird because usually we are somewhere in Georgia with our college crew but thing year, Bobby had a show.  He played downtown opening for an artist who just recently signed with a label.

I was so thankful my friend Sarah decided to join us or I would have been by myself for a good portion of NYE! Boo! Life of a musican's wife?? Let's hope not!

New Year's day we did what I believe everyone should do that day--we lounged around in our pj's. It was wonderful, until I realized I was heading back to work the next day.. hello real world. Bummer. The good news is work has started off really well this year and it looks like it may keep getting better! 

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday's as well and are ready to take on 2012 head on!

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