OK, I vote for 3-day weekends to replace our 2-day weekends. Anyone with me? It just dawned on me that some of you may actually be having a 3-day weekend as I'm typing this... not this girl. So, I also vote that all corporations celebrate holidays (giving their employees the day off) such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Veteran's Day, Columbus Day and any other Mon-Day schools get off that we don't.  This however, is not reason I'm complaining.  The real reason is because this past week felt like it lasted an entire month and this weekend  has has felt like it lasted all of an hour. Not only did the weekend feel incredibly short, Bobby is on his way to Atlanta and then Charleston for a couple of shows and won't be back until THURSDAY.  Boo.

I'm really not as upset as I just made it seem like I am (minus Bobby being out of town).  We had a super productive weekend.  I cleaned the crap out of our house, we FINALLY cleaned our cars (they haven't been washed since we got married... yes 1 1/2 years ago), did some grocery shopping, did a few a few returns and even had some spare time to fit in a little quality hang out time with our friends Todd & Julia and a date night. What?!? I know.
We met up with our friends on Friday at a local brewery to celebrate Todd's new venture and then headed to Jackson's for a late dinner.

 If you live in Nashville or ever come to visit, eat. here. Delish. If you do go, make sure to order the side wasabi caesar salad. Yum.

Saturday night was our date night... at home.  We've found it makes nights at home little more fun when you label it a "date night"... we both seem to be much more intential with eachother when we do so. =)  Anyway, dinner consisted of baked sweet potatoes, tilapia, black eyed peas & turnip greens.  I have been craving turnip greens.  They may be my favorite green.  If you've never made them I highly recommend trying it out.

Moving on. So the last time Bobby headed out of town for gigs, I spent all my free time working on my blog header.  This time around I plan on crafting and decorating.  All our Christmas decorations are down and boxed up so I'm just now starting to "re-decorate" if that's what you'd call it.  I kid you not, within 10 minutes of him leaving, this is what our living room looked like:

The crafts have taken over.

 I have some fun plans in mind including that unfinished burlap lamp shade you see above, jute for another shade, a frame wall collage and plywood wall decor, so stay tuned!

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  1. That looks like my kind of craft! Can't wait to see what you do with all that goodness! So glad you had a productive and fun weekend :)


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