My Valentine

Yesterday we celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day together with a special dinner... at home.  Both of our birthdays are in March so we've never done anything huge for Valentine's Day except during our first year of dating while Bobby was still trying to impress me. =) He decided the best way to do that was by taking me to the shooting range. As crazy as it sounds, I think it may have been the best date I've ever been on! It was awesome and so much fun (I had never shot a gun before)!

This year is what we are now referring to as "the year of Dave" in our house.  We are 3 weeks into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program which has been awesome so far, but is pushing us to make smarter (and usually less fun) decisions about our money so we can hopefully be debt free by the end of the year.  One of those decisions was to stay home for V-day this year. I  love food and love going out to new restaurants but, I really enjoyed our dinner at home.  We were very intentional with each other and had no distractions.  It was wonderful.

As we sat down to our dinner last night we started reminiscing about the first time we both realized we had feelings for the other person, our first few dates and all the Valentine's Days we celebrated thus far.  The funny part was that the only one we could remember was that first one at the shooting range! Ha! Clearly we have awesome memories...

Going along with our night of reminiscing, I thought I share our first picture together (we don't have one from that first Valentine's Day but this was taken only about a month prior) and this year's Valentine's Day.  I haven't looked back on old pictures in a while but seeing the two side by side made me laugh a little, we both have changed so much (in a good way of course!). 
{Oh, and please pardon our super red and shiny faces in this year's photo... we had just gotten back from they gym.. =) }

January 2008

February 2012

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