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Remember that time I said I was going to do another blog game I was tagged in from my friend Cara? I lied. Well kind of. Sorry friend. Really I just am not that creative (or maybe just too lazy?) to come up with 7 random facts about myself.  Then I saw the 11 Challenge posted by Ashely at Run With Me and decided to do that one instead. =) It starts the sentence for you! How much easier can it get??? I figured this would be a good "in the mean time" post until we finish all our dual birthday celebrations (Bobby's birthday is today!) and I can post about them.

OK. Here we go.

I am... half Irish, half Italian.  It makes for quite an interesting personality and awesomely entertaining family gatherings.

I want... to not work anymore and have babies. =)

I have... a fabulous husband. {this was Bobby's input} ... but I absolutely agree.

i love this man.

I wish... I was Kelly Ripa and hosted Live! With Kelly.  She rocks and has The. Best. Job. Ever.

Here's how it would go down: Jerry Seinfeld is awesome and would guest star everyday, we would start each show Zumba-ing, Neil Patrick Harris would be the permanent co-host, Michael Buble would be my BFF, we would have fabulous guest stars that brought in fun animals (but never snakes), and I would get paid to chit-chat which I am a pro at.

 This could work.

I hate...

just kidding. =)

I'd have to say, at least currently, I hate working when it is sunny and warm out.  All nice days should be optional "work from home" {or optional "take the day off"} days so I can go find a pool somewhere and lay out.

I fear... snakes. Fear may not be a strong enough word. The mere thought of these nasty creatures evokes pure panic and hysteria in me. No joke.

I hear... Hunger Games is "the most AMAZING book ever" and that I should read it. But I haven't.

 ...and this may be why... what?!?

I search... for rental homes daily and I hate it. We are moving {again} in May.  Boo.

I wonder... when we will finally own our own home.

I regret... nothing. Well, I try not to. It's not that easy, but with the help of my Savior I know it is possible.

"For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death." 2 Corinthians 7:10
I love... cupcakes, way more than I should.

I ache... ALL. THE. TIME. because we are training for a half marathon and my body doesn't understand what the heck is going on {I wasn't a big runner before this}.

If this lady can do it, surely I can. How awesome is this pic!?!?! She rocks. {And is totally killing the younger girl behind her}

I always... have to have chapstick/aquaphor on my lips.  I hate the feeling of dry lips, it freaks me out.

I usually... am late everywhere I go.  It is a horrible habit.

I am not... 5 feet tall but sometimes I say I am anyway.  It's way easier than saying "four eleven and three quarters" because that usually leads to a discussion about how I may legally be a little person. But I'm not.

I dance... whenever I get the chance. {Side story/random fact: I was part of the hip hop dance team when I was in college.  I could totally pop lock and drop it which is basically how I made the team. At some point in my life it may have been my dream to tour with Michael Jackson and Beyonce.... OK and maybe it still is....}

I sing... along with my husband when he's playing at home and pretend I sound really good. He usually humor's me and tells me I sound great.

...but I do it anyway.

I never... go more than a day without talking to my mom. =)

I rarely... leave for work with my makeup done {or even on for that matter}.

I cry... sometimes when a cramp ruins my run.  I know... kind of silly... I get extremely frustrated and mad that I have to walk home... Everyone has their issues right?

I am not always... as graceful with my words as I would like.

I'm confused... on a daily basis. Usually because Bobby finds it highly entertaining so he tries to do it on purpose.

I need... a vacation but will not be able to take one until we are out of debt {maybe next year?}. Thank you Dave Ramsey.

I should... be working instead of typing this post. Whoops.


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