Apartment Paroozing and Weekend Recap

I totally forgot how miserable apartment searching is.  If you've ever had to go through this process you know how deceiving the websites can be and how time consuming driving and touring all the complexes can be.  I feel so defeated... someone save me.  And poor Bobby.  He has been great but I do feel bad for him.  Moving turns me into a crazy person... there's something about being "in transition" that makes me completely slightly lose my mind.  There are some days when it is that bad that Bobby will point it out to me but most of the time he just acts loving as usual.  If that's not love, I don't know what is.

So, after I wrote the first part of this post last week expressing my disdain for moving, we found a place. Wahoo!!

Long story short, we have moved our move-out date up from June 1st to April 29th to save a month's worth of rent. Yes, as in this Sunday, April 29th. We are so excited because we have really been praying for all of this to work out just as it should, and it has, it's just going to be an extremely busy week!  As nuts as this week will be though, I feel extremely at peace and extremely pumped about it too.

Where are we moving to you ask?  Well, after looking in just about every area around Nashville, we decided to head back up to the Franklin/Brentwood area we lived in when we first got married (right now we are living on the east side of the city).  It will be a bit longer of a drive to work for the both of us, but we are up there at least 3 times a week (at least) for Young Life and church so it will put us back around our community and make it so much easier for us to hang out which I'm so happy about.

Here's what I'm not too terribly happy about.... we have to pack, move and clean our old place by Sunday, all while working 9 hours each day, OH and running the Country Music half marathon on Saturday morning... Whatttttt!??!

Yeah I know, we are crazy.

On a more exciting note, we traveled back to Atlanta this weekend for our friend's Matt and Sarah's wedding.

We got to hang out with the bride and groom the weekend prior, at Yazoo of course, to share in their excitement over their upcoming nuptials and then finished up our convo of all things wedding and marriage over some Mexican food.

Bobby headed down to Atlanta on Thursday with Matt and Sarah but I had to work Friday, so that afternoon my friend Julia and I packed up Marilyn (her Lexis) and headed out of town.  We had an awesome time life chatting basically the entire way, checking out some of the crazy cars on the road

and then changing for the rehearsal dinner in a Bojangles restroom. Gosh I love road trips. =)

Their rehearsal dinner was at the Whitlock Inn in Marietta and it was lovely.  The love and support from both sides of their families and all their friends was amazing and made my heart smile for them.

Here are a few photo's from the night:

the groom and his groomsmen

Then I got to see this girl right here:
which made my night because I haven't seen her in forever! We had a lot of time to catch up though and I am so excited about her and her husbands move to Chapel Hill!

And then the bride and groom practiced their cake cutting skills:

The next day was their beautiful wedding. My pictures from the church are awful because I was so far away. So sad.

Here are some pic's from the reception...

The Beta boys chanted as usual... but someone forgot to put their red wine down.
Poor Frank.

Then we saw them off...

with industrial sized sparklers...

 and things got a little crazy... and a little scary...

Beautiful wedding.
Amazing friends.
The. End.

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  1. just wait til you see Frank's shirt. just wait. it deserves a blog post of it's own. i'm the man!


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