Birthday Celebrations

We haven't exactly finished celebrating Bobby's birthday, but the cat's out of the bag about his "surprise" horseback riding outing {I'll explain more in a minute} so I figured I could probably go ahead with the post.

Backtracking a few weeks... we celebrated my birthday {it was on a Wednesday..boo} with some lovely flowers, yummy Gigi's cuppycakes and a delicious dinner made my mr. He really has turned into quite the chef over the last couple of years. I'm very impressed. We have been obsessed with asparagus lately, so he made shrimp scampi and asparagus. Yum!

Bobby's plan that Friday was to grab some sushi to-go and head up to the park near our house to watch the sunset over the city.  So sweet and romantic right?!  Well, I am so embarrassed to say that I was in a funky, funky mood that day and totally ruined the entire thing {by that I mean crying in the middle of the sushi restaurant}. =) Not my finest moment.  After I got over myself, we got our sushi, headed home {by this point the sun had already set...}, made some homemade pizza {we realized we didn't get nearly enough sushi for a meal} and ate our pizza and sushi as we watched a red box.  I say it still turned out to be a great little b-day celebration.

That weekend Bobby's parents came to visit for a dual birthday celebration.  We really had such a great time with them, they are so fun to hang out with.  We took them down Music Row to show them some of the big record labels, publishing companies and recording studios.  Before dinner we took them to a couple of the local brewery's in town. Yazoo and Jackalope. I talked a little about Yazzo here.  Jackalope is right down the road and is another Nashville brewery that just recently opened I believe within the last year or so. 

Oh!!! And while we were at the brewery, Bobby was ON THE RADIO! We were all freaking out with our ears as close to the phone as we could get so we could hear. It was awesome!!

A week later was Bobby's birthday.  We actually celebrated it a day early {his real birthday was on a Monday... boo again} with two of our friends during our "community group" night... basically we made our own bible study group out of the four of us instead of going to one of our church's community groups.  Anyway, I made Bobby's favorite dish growing up, Mexican Chicken casserole, as well as pound cake and whipped cream with strawberries {another of his fav's} and we all chowed down... and sang happy birthday of course.

So like I mentioned earlier, the real birthday celebration is next weekend when we go horseback riding, picnicking and swimming! Wahoo! We were actually supposed to do this the weekend of his birthday not just this year, but last year too. But it rained. BOTH YEARS! What are the chances!?! So this year I was bound and determined to do this and in doing so, I had to ruin the element of surprise and let him in on it. 

Anyway, clearly birthday's get less and less exciting as you age, and as you work... sorry this wasn't more eventful but we enjoyed ourselves and have been settling into 26 very nicely.  I'll be sure to let you know how horseback riding goes.. we are scheduled to go next weekend... we'll see if it actually works out.

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