Celebrating Easter

Bobby and I made a last minute decision to take a weekend trip down to Birmingham to celebrate Easter with our dear friends Eddie and Laura (and little miss Veda Jane).  We spent Easter with them a couple years ago and had so much fun we knew we needed to do it again before they moved.  This weekend proved to be maybe one of the best friend weekends we've had in a long long time.  Who knew mixing coffee and life talks with the entertainment of a 9 month old could create hours of fun.

As I sat down this morning to write this post I was looking through my camera at the pictures from the weekend to find a couple to add...

...I have a total of ten pictures from the whole weekend and every single picture is of their daughter, haha! That should clue you in on how cute she is (oh, and how she completely stole Bobby's heart because 9 out of the 10 pictures were taken by him...).  

cutie pie.
bff's for the weekend.

this one is my favorite.

With Laura being the amazing photographer (and writer) that she is, I'm not too concerned about my lack of pictures.  You can read her post about the weekend here if you'd like.

Service at their church never disappoints.  I love their preacher.  He is so passionate about his love for Christ and you can't help but see the Holy Spirit pouring out of him while he preaches the Good News.  He made 3 major points during the service about how you can't have Christianity without the Word, the Cross, and Christ's resurrection.  That really spoke volumes to me about my faith and why we as Christians believe what we believe.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend and were filled with thankfulness and joy for what Christ did for us on the Cross. His triumph over death has freed us from our sins and proves we too will one day be raised from our graves to spend eternity with Him.

Thanks be to God

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