Confession & Random Celebration

 I am a sucker for boy bands.

So random, I know.  Maybe it's because growing up in the 80's and 90's group pop bands where all the rage, I don't know, but what I do know is that I am a 26 year old obsessed with One Direction. I find them highly entertaining, especially their accents, and I cannot stop listening to What Makes You Beautiful....

Please tell me I'm not the only one....

In other incredibly random news, yesterday Bobby and I "celebrated" the 4 year anniversary of the day we said I love you (insert "awww" here). I know, kind of silly. We really aren't that corny and don't pay attention to stuff like that except for our wedding anniversary, but it happened after one of our friends weddings and she posted about their 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday which made me randomly think about it.  We had some time to kill before heading to a BBQ so we decided to celebrate with a beer at Yazoo (because where else would we go?)


As cheesy as the reason for celebrating was, it did reminded me of how exciting the little things are and not to let them pass us by... like remembering the moment your spouse turned to you to tell you they love you for the first time and how those 3 little words, 4 years later, have not lost an ounce of their sweetness. 


Thanks for listening to my random ramblings.  We're about to head out to make our way to Atlanta for the weekend to see Bobby's youngest sister Jamie, as she graduates from High School!  Crazy! We are so proud of her and can't wait to get there to celebrate her!

Have a fabulous weekend!


A Whirlwind of a Week

My goodness this past week has had way more going on in it than ever necessary.  For real.  Friday afternoon I was at the point at work where I knew I had so much more to do, but my brain was a mess.  The good thing was at that point I only had about 30 minutes until my weekend started, bad thing for the participants of this week's National Employee Health & Fitness Week promotion.... sorry.

That said, let's rewind to last weekend starting with the 1/2 marathon. Here are my thoughts. 

1. During the run (it was soooo hot) I was basically cursing the race.  Directly afterward while frantically searching for the chocolate milk stand as my joints screamed at me, I swore I'd never do it again.  Somehow between then and a few hours after my nap all that changed and I found myself in the middle of a conversation about training for another one... What!? My friend explained it like this- it's like childbirth (because I'm so familiar with that...), your in so much pain, swearing you will never go through it again and then low and behold you get pregnant again and again.  I've never had children but I caught her drift.  So, I'm totally sucked in to races now and have already started looking for another one to do this year.  I'm addicted and Bobby thinks I'm nuts. 

2. I may be a little upset Bobby never told me how ridiculous I look running (probably because he's way faster and always ahead of me...), and my suggestion to the race photographers for future races is this: that they call you out (by shirt, number, whatever) before they take your picture so you know they are pointing at you and not the person next to you so you can smile and not look so scary. 

I look like I'm about to sneeze in every. single. picture. 

..I never sneezed nor felt the urge to sneeze the entire race...


I am however, proud that I finished (best feeling ever) and am ready to sign up for another... (see what I mean? I've lost my mind.) 

AND! I don't have the exact number, but we raised a lot of money for our county's YL program so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who felt led to give or pray! Thank you thank you thank you!
Our Keep Young Life Running group before the race! A mix of leaders, committee members and students!

After the race!

Oh yeah, and Sheryl Crow was there.
We also had a quick visit from my parents that weekend who were nice enough to come help us move the rest of our stuff and get a head start on unpacking.  After racing and napping, we did a little work on the place and headed to the 12th South District for some dinner at Mafiaoza's {yum!}.
Pizza & beer after racing and moving is the most satisfying meal ever. omg.
Pizza & Yazoo beer at Five Points Pizza. Delish.

Pizza with the my parents at Mafiaoza's

That Monday morning I headed to St. Cloud, Minnesota for the work week.  Surprisingly, aside from some crazy CRAZY weather, I found Minnesota to be quite pleasant. 

This is the crazy weather I was talking about! Literally like 2 streets away from where we were having dinner was THIS funnel cloud!
We also made a pit stop before our flights back home to Mall of everything amazing America.  I could have stayed there all weekend if I had the chance (and money).
After paroozing maybe an eighth of the stores they have there, we hit up the miniature amusement park inside the mall! Yeah.
Check this out.
We rode that.
This past weekend we were able to unwind, completely unpack and find a little time to check out our new pool and enjoy a short game of cribbage because we're old people.

these are the pictures you end up with when you don't want to be the weirdo's at the pool setting up your gorilla pod to take a pic together... and when it's too sunny to tell when the other person is taking the photo, hence the lack of smiles... =)

We're now, slowly but surely, organizing and finding a home for all of our junk (or selling them). 

What a week!
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