These last few weeks..

Lately, work has been incredibly busy (not a bad thing), we've been doing a little bit of traveling for graduation celebrations and also hiding from the world for a long holiday weekend.  That said, this poor little blog of mine has unfortunately had to take the backseat.  I wish I could say that was all about to change, but with so much on the calendar over the next 2 months, no such luck. Although it does make me a little sad because of how much I enjoy sitting down to put our life's current events in words, we have so many trips to look forward to I can't help but be excited.

Here's what we've been up to...

A couple weekends ago we were back in Atlanta to celebrate Jamie {Bobby's youngest sister} graduating from high school.  It was so crazy seeing her so grown up in that graduation gown walking across the stage as her name was called.  She was in 8th grade when Bobby and I started dating. MIDDLE SCHOOL.  She heads to UGA in the fall which makes us happy to have a legit reason to visit the Athens for the next 4 years...  GO DAWGS!

found you!

darn tassels! ;)

Last weekend {Memorial Day weekend} we made it a point to do absolutely nothing but veg, veg, and veg some more. It was amazing.  Our 3 1/2 days {including Friday.. duh.} went like this: breakfast and coffee hang out time, lunch, pool, dinner, game night, sleep. Repeat.

We had time to relax, re-energize, lounge around as much as we wanted and I had time to try a bunch of new recipes {cooking is like therapy for me}.  More to come on those delish recipes.

Oh, and somewhere in there I became a barber and gave Bobby a haircut.

Lovely, lovely weekend. I wish every weekend could last 3 days.


Little Mr. Jack had his first birthday party over Memorial Day weekend as well. Unfortunately we couldn't go because flights are unreal out to Emerald Isle, but I did get to Skype with my little man and watch him open up his Sesame Street puzzle we got him.  He's become quite the little chatter box and makes the cutest scrunchy nosed grin when you talk to him as well as an equally dumbfounded looking stare when you take pictures of him... see below.

My mom sent us pictures of him demolishing his birthday cake as one should on their first birthday, and trying out the big bird chair we had when we were kids.

Yes, that would be the dog cage. Apparently he was fascinated with opening the door, crawling in and closing it. Ah the little things in life...

We get to spend an entire week with him (and the rest of my family) in a month and I am ecstatic.
Over the next few months we'll be in NC for Young Life camp,  Cali for work,  NY for the most unique family reunion you've ever seen, Long Island for more family time, Georgia for a few weddings and back to NY for my best friends wedding.

Hello summer, here we come!

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