Why I love Nashville {part 2}

Part one of this series (and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come) was our first time at Capitol Records street party featuring Alan Jackson and a few others.

If we're Facebook friends then you probably already have a hunch as to what part two is about, but if not, last night we attended the CMT Awards! Whoop whoop! Yes, it was incredibly fun and so exciting, but there was a small part that  was also definitely not so fun. 

Let me explain.

In addition to selling tickets to the event, CMT hands out wristbands a few days before the awards to fill in the "mosh" area {a.k.a. the group of screaming fans around the stage you see on T.V.} as well as "bowl" seats {basically you fill any empty seats right before the show starts}. Sounds fabulous right? Kind of.  We had never done this before and didn't ask anyone about it so had no clue what to expect.

Like I said, it was definitely fabulous and fun because you are going for free to a nationally televised awards ceremony and seeing all your favorite country artists. Score.

Here's the not so fabulous part. 

We totally forgot to get our wristbands on Sunday night and so by the time we got to the place on Tuesday to pick them up, all the "mosh" tickets were gone. Bowl it was. We are actually kind of happy because then we could sit for the entire show {hello old people}. Not quite. Once you get into the area, they take you in groups to each seating section.  Que fancy CMT guy in all black "feel free to sit wherever you find an empty seat {SCORE} you can sit there unless someone with tickets to that seat shows up... then you have to get up and find another seat." {Uhh...come again?}

Awesome. So for a while we had INCREDIBLE seats. Hello second row.   

In the words of my husband, "we went from the best seats in the house to literally the worst."  I see the humor in it now, but it took me a little bit to find it even the slight bit funny last night.  No exaggeration, we ended up in the last row in the very top section. As in, the back seat of my chair rested against the wall of the arena.

We were there for free so there wasn't really any room to complain, and it was still awesome. Could be worse and to be honest, there wasn't really a bad seat in the whole place. They set it up really well.

Maybe next year we will actually remember to go pick up the wristbands on Sunday to get "mosh" spots, or maybe we can just buy our own??

Anyway, best or worst seat, I still was able to see a whole heap of celeb's and get a bunch of great shots and have a really fun and somewhat random night with the Mr.  Oh, not to mention watch Carrie Underwood ROCK the stage. Love. Her.

waiting in line with my super hot date. ;)

ran into a couple of my Young Life girls going to the awards too! Love them!

2nd row seats. 

the celebrity section!

Denise Richards!!

Tom Arnold, lol

Rascal Flatts member, Gary LeVox

The Band Perry!

here they are again! amazing!

So awesome- Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, the Zac Brown Band, James Johnson and Darius Rucker.

Luke Bryan

Good Girl

Good Girl

the end.

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