Windy Gap Camp

Windy Gap - A Young Life camp.

Next to our wedding/ honeymoon week, this was hands down the best week of my life.

If you missed all my prior ramblings about Young Life, in a nut shell it is a ministry with high school kids.  It involves adult volunteers like myself and my husband, diving back into the scary world known as High School to build long lasting friendships with these teens, to just do life with them and eventually, one day, earn the right to be heard and share the sweetness of the Gospel with them.

So like I just mentioned, we went to camp with our school 2 weeks ago and it. was. AWESOME.

I wanted to share some of the video's they made from each day so you could see with your own eyes the fun and excitement we experienced throughout the week, but I couldn't get them to embed properly, so if you'd like (which I highly suggest you do) you can go to Young Life Scrapbook to watch them. They're pretty awesome.  It should take you straight to our week's scrapbook but if not, we are Windy Gap week 3 (June 10-16).  I know everything was geared towards the kids there, but honestly, I'm pretty sure I had just as much fun as they did.

What I can show you on here, however, are some of the pictures of my girls and us leaders and our experiences at Windy Gap.  It was by far the most physically and emotionally challenging week I've ever experienced, and I would do it again in heart beat.

Eight of my girls accepted Christ that week, two renewed their relationship with Him, and one fell in love with Jesus the day we got back from camp.  That week completely put life into perspective for me.  As I saw my girls stand up during the Say So (a chance for kids to stand up the last day of camp and say out loud that they have started a relationship with Christ) a joy I had never felt before completely overwhelmed me. Here were all these new followers of Jesus standing before me and it was amazing. Obviously Young Life camp is not what saved them but God definitely used it as part of His plan to bring them to salvation.

This past week, seeing the change in all of my girls, was a loud reminder to me of why we are here.  Yes we have to work to make money to raise and support our family, but first and foremost, we are called to make disciples of all nations. Plain and simple, there is nothing more important than someones salvation.

I joked with some of our other leaders and a couple of my girls saying that I felt as though I gave birth to 13 children last week because of the bond that was formed between myself and them, and the two other leaders I was with.   We are on a whole new playing field now.  They don't look at me as the crazy weird 20-something year old leader anymore, but one of their friends who is walking with them as they continue or begin their walk with Christ, and I see them all as my sisters in Christ whom I love deeply.

If you want to know what fulfillment truly feels like, watch someone you love and know give their life to Christ. There is nothing like it.

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