A Very Patriotic Family Reunion {part 2}

Welcome to the 42nd annual Buckley Family Weekend.

The best way to start this out is to first explain those awesome shirts you see above.  Yes we all match. It's part of the weekend.

This reunion is always over the fourth of July weekend and therefore it is very patriotically themed. 
There are two teams; the stars {blue shirts} and the stripes {red shirts}-naturally.

You are born onto a team (unless you are my grandparents and their children- then you were put on a team when this all started 42 years ago).
As a spouse married into the family, you are automatically placed on the opposite team from your husband/wife.

I am a stripe because it is the better of the two teams, and poor Bobby is a star (competitive much??).  =)

The weekend always begins with the flag raising ceremony Saturday morning followed by some stretching.. gotta get nice and warmed up for the games!  Each teams stands on opposite sides of the front lawn and all the kids walk out with the flag, while the rest of us sing God Bless America- acapella.

Sometimes we twirl like ballerina's.. so important.

Sometimes we take it old school with good old toe touches... (get it Sammie.)

BUT, we always end it with the peanut butter jar stretch.  

What's that you ask?? Great question.
-Plant your feet firmly in the ground, arms slightly bent over head. 
-Bend your legs, lean to the left and then all together push to the right (lefty loosey people). 

Keep lunging left to right to open the jar. ;)

Next, squat with your legs, arms still above your head, push up to open the lid.  Dip your finger into see what flavor it is... mine is always creamy- crunchy peanut butter just grosses me out.
Lower the lid and lunge in the opposite direction (right to left) to close the jar.

Next up, we swore in our new president. Yes- we have a president of BFW.  
My grandpa's, sister's husband has been our president since I can remember, but sadly, Uncle Dick passed away in January.  One of the reasons I love this family so much is because we dedicated the entire weekend to him.  The stories and pictures and memories made my heart smile.  He was an amazing man. 

Following the flag raising ceremony, we always kick off the games with two relay races.
This year we had to pass pasta using straws and soaking wet sponges.

Stripes won both relays... just sayin'.. 

There is a crick down the road that we head to to cool off (or shower for some people) and also to have the Rubber Duck race.  

In a nut shell: Ducks are a buck. Each has a number. Everyone buys a duck. Whichever duck crosses the finish line first wins. Winner gets the pot. 

Oh, and we paint our skin with Indian Rocks like we are 10 again. Ah, good times. 

Team games continue through the weekend with volleyball, bocce ball, ping pong, connect four and flip cup (minus the drinking part).

Oh, and we keep track of everything on pretty posters.

Kids also play games, planned by the dads to earn points to hopefully win MVP.  This is a huge deal. 

Below is my favorite game we played when I was a kid.  If you have kids, I highly suggest you play this at your next cookout. 

The Marshmallow game:  Tie string from a clothes line at the appropriate height for each child- about mouth high.
Tie a marshmallow around the end of the string. 
Line all the kids up and pull on the clothes line so the marshmallows bounce.
The kid who eats their marshmallow first wins- no hands!

well, sometimes...

We finish the weekend out on Sunday with kickball and the egg toss- my two favorites!

Sometimes, people try to cheat try to be funny and block people from running the bases when they have an awesome kick... (ahem.. dad!)

Other times, we accidentally pop the kickball...

so we improvise and use the volleyball. 

Jack wasn't sure about that decision...

Next up- the egg toss.

Grab a partner (on your team) and raw egg.
Make two lines so every person is facing their teammate.
Toss the egg to your partner.
If your partner catches the egg and it doesn't break, take a step back.
This continues until one team is left...
We end up very far away from our partners... like so far that I can throw an egg that far so I never win...

Those of us who don't make it spectate.

Joe (brother) and Andrew (brother-in-law) rocked the egg toss.

But, in the end, the stripes won. Again.

Following the egg toss, points are tallied and we have the awards ceremony. True story.

First up- kids games.

All the past MVP's line up to congratulate the new MVP.

When you win MVP, not only do you get an awesome plaque, you also get your name added to the MVP family plaque that stays on the wall of the house. 

And finally- the winning team is announced and awarded the family cup. True story again. 
Each year the winning teams name and points is added to the side of the cup.

This year- stripes won. Boom town.

And that wraps up Buckley Family Weekend.
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our crazy, awesome family. 
We love having guests, so feel free to tag along one year- we'd love to have you!

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