Year Two

It's been two year's today since we said I do and honestly, I can't believe it.  It now feels like we have been married for about a year, maybe.  These two years have really flown by. We've already lived in three different homes since we got married (still none compare to the first, and maybe that's just because it was our first home together), there have been a couple of job changes, and I feel like we are really beginning to settle nicely into our roles as husband and wife.

Our first anniversary was spent at another wedding, finished with Bobby being sick from heat stroke. We did manage to celebrate a little the night before with Chinese food on the couch in pajamas with a good movie.  We clearly set the bar real high for these types of celebrations.  This year our anniversary falls on Tuesday.. boo. Just kidding. Kind of. Aside from having to work, we plan to make the most of this special day with a nice dinner out followed by a movie, and of course, watching our wedding video. I know, we're going all out this year.

For our first anniversary Bobby made me a video montage of our wedding day.  We had hired a photographer and a videographer, and ended up with 2000 photos and 8 hours of unedited video footage... I was in heaven.  However, pretty soon after we were married I started seeing these short videos that photographers were making for their clients and I thought were absolutely genius.  Instead of watching all 8 hours of our video, which I still do anyway, thanks to my amazing husband, we now have a condensed, 8 minute version that I can watch whenever I want and it won't take up the entire day. Score! It still makes my heart beat out of my chest every time I watch it.

To my love,

I continue to fall more madly in love with you each day, which always blows my mind.  If this continues, I can't even imagine how head over heels in love with you I will be at year 50. My heart leaps out of my chest when I think about the fact that I get to grow old with you (even though my multiplying gray hairs already have me well on my way).

Here's to year three love, I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. I love you.


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