my best friends wedding

I've been meaning to post this for over a week now, but I've been laid up in bed after having all four impacted wisdom teeth removed. Awesome.

This has to be one of the longest most painful experiences ever.  It has been 5 days now, so over it. I've looked like a mixture between the OC housewives, the joker, and a chipmunk.  For real. Everyone mentions swollen cheeks but nothing about lips...

Off topic.

To the wedding.

Two weekends ago I had the privileged of standing beside one of my very best friends on her wedding day.

Jess and I have been friends since 9th grade and through all the moves my family has gone through, she is the one friend that has stuck around.  All of us bridesmaid wrote Jess a short letter for her to read as she got ready the morning of her wedding, and I have to say, I had so much fun thinking back over the last 12 years of this friendship as I put down on paper some of my favorite moments.

Through all of my families moves, somehow Jess and I have been able to stick it out, with very little effort too.  No matter if we are talking everyday living in the same town, or living hundreds of miles apart and speaking only every couple of months, it is so easy for us to pick up right where we had left off. It's so crazy to me that we have gone from being awkward 9th grade cheerleaders to being part of each other's wedding. Where did the time go and when did we become grown ups?

Here is a recap of the Richard's amazing wedding weekend.  Thank you so much for asking me to be part of such a special day for you and Paul, Jess! I love you friend!

So after Delta delays and cancellations, we finally got to Ithaca (NY) Friday afternoon (we were scheduled to get in Thursday night)..

A few rides on the baggage carts up and down the sidewalk and we were ready to go once Tor and Tara picked us up.

We headed to a yummy lunch in the downtown Ithaca Commons and then tried to convince the hotel to let us check in early to get ready for the rehearsal dinner... no such luck. OH yeah. Did I mention we had no luggage? The good news is that Bobby and I both had our dress clothes in the garment bag we carried on, but poor Bobby had no dress shoes.. so he went to the rehearsal dinner dressed as a basketball coach. Button down, slacks, tennis shoes and all.  I thought he looked great. =)

Here is the lovely bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner.

After we all stuffed our faces with delicious food, we headed downtown to meet up with the rest of the guests who were in town for the wedding.

The bride with her MOH

All the bridesmaids with the bride!

The next morning, Jess' dad picked all of us bridesmaids up bright and early and took us to the Fontainebleau Inn where they were getting married and where Jess, Paul and their families had been staying.

The place is gorgeous.

I felt like I was in the house from the Notebook. Seriously.  We ate an amazing homemade breakfast out on the back porch overlooking the lake with Jess' family, and then spent the rest of the morning primping and just hanging out.

This was our view from the bridal suite:

I know, amazing.

 A few surprise gifts from the bridesmaids.

Koozies for mimosas, check.
Cute L-O-V-E letters under her shoes, check.
Letters from each bridesmaid, check.
A picture frame with pictures of us and Jess, check.
A blue garter sporting her new name, check!

Opening the card and beautiful bracelet Paul got her.
Gettin' beautified.


Just making sure she can still bust out her dance moves in the dress. Success.

Mom and daughter. =)

Love you!

The ceremony was held in a old chapel through the woods on the Inn's grounds.  I obviously don't have any pictures from that but here is a picture of the beautiful chapel:

Then it was off to the reception!! 

They entered..

They danced their first dance..

they modeled...

shoved cake in each others faces..

and then we all busted out some pretty sweet moves and danced the night away!
 (after being sure to get a nice picture before we got all sweaty of course..)

 Jess found a new use for her sash.

Please note the grooms reaction when he notices it. Awesome!

Then we whipped out the 'tashes of course.

Bobby wasn't too sure of this look on me..

So we swapped. Much better don't you think?

Neighborhood friend! Love you Tor!

and then a brief break from dancing for the oh-so-classic prom pose.

back to dancing..

no matter what you do, you cannot contain his moves..

yes, that is the groom.

Love you both!! Happy marriage!!

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