Friday's Letters

Dear Athens, thanks for always being a fun city to visit... it was nice to go back even if I did feel a little old hanging at the Beta house (although all the freshman totally looked older than me...side note).

  Dear Family,  it made my heart smile getting to see you last week.  Joe- I was so happy to get to see you play in one of your Lax games finally and totally kick butt!! I still can't believe you are a senior in high school. Since when have you had man muscles?

Dad- thanks for cooking delicious dinners over the weekend, your cooking is something I always look forward to.   Mom and Sam- I really enjoyed our fancy lady brunch afterwards on Sunday for mom's (belated) birthday...

...even though it gave me food poisoning.

Dear Bobby,  sorry for the emergency room craziness on Tuesday and not believing you when my chest pains and shortness of breath were really actually just stress.   Clearly this traveling is affecting me more than I thought...thank you for being the loving and comforting husband you are.    Dear traveling, please see above.  I'm kind of over you and that's really all I have to say about that.   Dear Denver, how is it possible to be 85 degrees and sunny one day and 30 degrees and snowing the next?? I did not pack appropriately for your extreme weather, nor was I prepared for the altitude change.  Can't. Breathe.    Dear SHARP TOP COVE! I can't wait to finally get there this evening and see my HUGE but oh-so-amazing group of young life girls.  I have been looking forward to this weekend since the day we got back from Windy Gap this summer. It's going to be amazing and God is going to do huge things. I can feel it.  Dear Mom & Sam, I am PUMPED you are coming to Sharp Top this weekend. I promise you are going to love it and I promise I'm not going to stop trying to convince you to stay the entire weekend and not just until Saturday night.


  1. i lived in CO for 6 years growing up and the transition between summer and fall is craziness, same goes for the summer it is super hot not a cloud in the sky and a few hours later, pouring rain lots of hail, thunder and lightening. sounds like you had a great week with your family :-)

  2. I am absolutely in love with your blog design. New follower via Friday's Letters. :)



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