I'm Coming Home!

Y'all. After NINE days of being in Massachusetts for work, I FINALLY get to go home today.  Five days I can do, nine?... Nine was a little long.  I feel like I've been gone for months.. which I kind of have been I guess.

Anyway! I am so excited to get back to my own home, my own bed, a regular routine and last but certainly not least, my husband.

Man do I miss this guy. I found that gem on my phone.. apparently it was too sunny to open my eyes.  Classic.

I'm excited to get back to blogging regularly too! I've missed it so much! But don't worry, the entire time I've been MIA I've been keeping a mental note of blog posts. That's normal right??


  1. Always love that feeling of coming home! Excited for you to see your hubby!


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