Friday's Letters

Happy Friday my friends!! I could not be more happy it's here! After a short week last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week seemed to drag on!

Dear Husband, you poor guy. You never get sick and for the last week you have been battling this nasty cold and terrible cough.  In an effort to do whatever I could to make you feel better, I convinced you to hover over the dishwasher while it was on to breathe in the hot steam.. they stay steam helps coughs! It was quick and easy.. don't judge. 

 Dear coworkers, since the husband is sick and coughing up his lungs 24/7 (I still love you), my sleep has been somewhat lacking so this morning ended up being a no shower-greasy hair-glasses with no make up kind of day. Hope you don't mind..

Dear Jack, buddy I miss you already and still can't get over this picture from Thanksgiving. I've already posted it all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so the blog was inevitably next.  Now all I need is a frame to house this picture of cuteness. 

Dear debt, could we really have you paid off by the end of next month?  It is becoming more and more of a reality that we really could be debt free by the end of the year and I had no idea how freeing it would feel! More to come on our Financial Peace journey soon!

debt is normal be weird
dave ramsey

Dear Christmas, Bobby and I haven't really gotten into our normal Christmas spirit yet and it's a little sad.  Maybe once we get our tree this weekend and Mariah Carey's Christmas CD is playing on repeat it that will change. Here's to hoping because I really enjoy this time of year!

Dear Blog, you are working me right now and I'm almost over it.  I was this close to completely shutting you down out of pure frustration that I accidentally deleted half my photo's on here and the thought of finding every single picture lost is daunting. I also was this close to moving everything to WordPress. I've decided against that for now.. but I'm watching you.  This terrible picture is still giving me nightmares.

Dear readers, please excuse the construction zone over here for the next little while as I search for all my lost pictures and attempt to reload. Pretty things are coming this blogs way, get ready.


Minor Freak Out Moment

Notice anything different around here?

There's a reason (other than laziness) as to why there haven't been any posts around here lately... In an effort to free up some space to load pictures to be able to publish a posts (I'm learning now I should really read the fine print in the future) I deleted a few albums on Picasa. I have them on my computer backed up so why have them on line too, right??  Wrong. Clearly I should have taken more computer classes in school because I apparently missed the course about how the pictures you load on blogger are stored in Picasa. What??? Yes. Missed (or probably deleted) that memo. Awesome.

So insert me have a minor freak out moment when I saw this:

No, that's not a new design for the blog.

The good news is that the pictures I lost as I said earlier, are backed up on a hard drive. The bad news is I don't know which pictures were deleted so I have go through ALL my posts one by one and figure out which pictures I have to reload.. ah!

Seriously y'all. Do you know how long this is going to take?? Omg.

So for now, things may look a little bare around here while I get this mess figured out.

In other news, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hopefully spent with those you love!! Mine was wonderful and I can't wait to share it with you all soon!


Friday's Letters

Dear work, please stop sucking the life out of me. I would like to be something other than tired.  Apparently being chronically tired makes you look like you've aged 10 years over night. #notahappycamper

Dear blog and readers, I thought that once I stopped traveling I would have more time down time to blog things other than Friday's Letters (although I love them...and the blogs I have found from linking up to them!)... clearly that it not the case. I have about 10 drafts just sitting there waiting to be finished and posted... one day...

Dear Cara and Lindsay, friends...words can't even express how excited I am to see your faces this weekend. We are way over due for some girlfriend life chats, I am so looking forward to it. Oh and I guess watching some football too... not really. Just life chats. mmkthanks.

Dear Thanksgiving, woah.. you are next week. How did that happen!? Super excited to spend time with all our family!!

Dear Jack, your aunt is about to jump out of her skin at the thought of seeing you next week. How did you go from baby to little kid in only a few short months?  Crazy.  You get cuter and cuter and I just want to eat your sweet little face. Normal, yes?

July 2012
Nov 2012
Dear interval training, I love that you help me get back into shape so quickly, mainly that you have helped me not look like I'm pregnant anymore (because I'm not..) after not working out for a good month.. however, I do not love that you make me a bottomless pit for food.  I was a hot frying pan away from eating a second dinner last night and I'm pretty sure I'm going to eat all the food I brought to work for breakfast and lunch in the next hour.. then what?

Dear Bobby, first of all, I love you.  I still can't believe you secretly folded and put away our 5 loads of laundry (you know, the laundry I cleaned last Saturday and left on the couch in a pile...). To say I was utterly shocked and in complete disbelief would be understatement to my reaction when I walked through the door. Seriously. I thought I walked into the wrong apartment. You are wonderful. Second of all, I'm excited about our goals and plans for next year. I'm ready to stop having to focus on paying off debt (almost there!) and start moving forward with our finances and the family plans God is guiding us towards.  God has given me such  hope and peace about it all and oh goodness I just can't wait.  Oh, and I already have our road trip theme song ready to go on the good 'ole iPod.

Dear Nashville, it is so awesome to see places I've been or are familiar with on television while watching your show but please let me know the next time you plan to shoot scenes at Bobby's old job so I can pretend I belong there... thanks.

Catch This Music 
Recording studio inside Catch This Music


Cool Music... South Carolina Edition

Attention all you Charleston dwellers.  Bobby has two shows scheduled there this week (this is when I wish I didn't have a job...)!  Both acoustic shows will be at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ. The first show is tonight at the Sullivan Island location at 8PM and tomorrow nights show will be at 9PM at the West Ashley location.  If you are in the Charleston area you should check one out!

We are really starting to drive hard towards this being a full time career for him.  We have been praying like crazy and really feel the Lord guiding us down this path. It is exciting and a little scary all at the same time, especially when you throw the idea of kids into the mix some day!  As crazy of an idea as it may seem, we both feel very confident and content that this is exactly where the Lord wants us.  He has been encouraging us left and right over the last week with potential gigs and clarity for a plan.

I am constantly asking Bobby how I can help encourage and support him with his music and we never really come up with an answer (as much as I would love to be one of his back up singers, I think my unique voice would do more harm than help to his career).  After a long life talk this weekend about future plans for our family and Bobby's music career, we decided the best way right now for me to help be a part of making his idea a reality would be to help with the social media side of things because lets be honest, anything having to do with being "social" is right up my alley.  So little by little, you're probably going start to see a little bit more of the music side of our life fill the pages of this blog. I am super pumped that I get to be a part of this amazing journey with my husband, and that I get to share it with all of you!

Just for kicks, here's a little Dixieland Delight! Makes me smile every time.


Life Update & Friday's Letters

It is done. Traveling and crazy hours that is.  If you've been tagging along the last few weeks, you know I've been traveling all over the place and getting up before the chickens (or cow's according to me last night.. it's delirium I tell you) for the health screening events we've been running for our company.

I loved getting to see parts of the country I've never seen before, hated living out of suitcase, eating every meal from a restaurant, sleeping in a strange bed and being away from Bobby for entirely too long and, missed all of Nashville's beauty in October.

Thankfully, Nashville has decided to give me a taste of it this weekend. How nice right? As I'm typing this post I am sitting outside a coffee shop downtown enjoying the warm weather.

See? So pretty out! And those are short sleeves!!

I am celebrating being finished with this insanity by getting my hair did and then having a fabulous at home date night with the Mr. I know I know, like 4 posts ago I just got a haircut. Apparently my hair grows at extreme rates these days.  It's taking over my life and my head. And what girl is going to say no to some time at the salon? I mean really.

It may be almost 4pm (or 5 o'clock somewhere?), but it is still Friday, and how could I end this crazy month without doing the only type of post this poor blog has seen in weeks?

Dear Bobby, what should we do for this second weekend we get to spend at home together?? I vote anything that involves being outside.  It's going to be gorgeous out all weekend long and lets be honest... I'm so pale my white skin is reflecting the sun light..

Dear Chane and Tom, we enjoyed your quick little visit SO much and loved finally getting to meet your sweet little man.  If football is on again the next time you visit, I'll be sure to brief the guys on the rules.. Rule #1, no screaming when the baby falls asleep. You will scare him out of his skin. Poor little Simon.

Dear Pinterest, I LOVED the s'mores recipe I found on your site. You were actually better the second night even though Katie and I (and baby girl Painter) thoroughly enjoyed you the first night. I will be making you again.

Dear Laundry,  I am a week behind cleaning you and the possibility of it happening this weekend is looking slim. Get over it.

Dear Blog, I've been shopping for some time now to give you a new look but I think I'm too fickle. So sorry, please be patient with me.

Dear Readers, my brain is fried from getting up at 4am this week so this is all I got.  Thanks for sticking around.  Things should start livening up around these parts real soon. Get excited.

Happy weekending!

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