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Dear work, please stop sucking the life out of me. I would like to be something other than tired.  Apparently being chronically tired makes you look like you've aged 10 years over night. #notahappycamper

Dear blog and readers, I thought that once I stopped traveling I would have more time down time to blog things other than Friday's Letters (although I love them...and the blogs I have found from linking up to them!)... clearly that it not the case. I have about 10 drafts just sitting there waiting to be finished and posted... one day...

Dear Cara and Lindsay, friends...words can't even express how excited I am to see your faces this weekend. We are way over due for some girlfriend life chats, I am so looking forward to it. Oh and I guess watching some football too... not really. Just life chats. mmkthanks.

Dear Thanksgiving, woah.. you are next week. How did that happen!? Super excited to spend time with all our family!!

Dear Jack, your aunt is about to jump out of her skin at the thought of seeing you next week. How did you go from baby to little kid in only a few short months?  Crazy.  You get cuter and cuter and I just want to eat your sweet little face. Normal, yes?

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Nov 2012
Dear interval training, I love that you help me get back into shape so quickly, mainly that you have helped me not look like I'm pregnant anymore (because I'm not..) after not working out for a good month.. however, I do not love that you make me a bottomless pit for food.  I was a hot frying pan away from eating a second dinner last night and I'm pretty sure I'm going to eat all the food I brought to work for breakfast and lunch in the next hour.. then what?

Dear Bobby, first of all, I love you.  I still can't believe you secretly folded and put away our 5 loads of laundry (you know, the laundry I cleaned last Saturday and left on the couch in a pile...). To say I was utterly shocked and in complete disbelief would be understatement to my reaction when I walked through the door. Seriously. I thought I walked into the wrong apartment. You are wonderful. Second of all, I'm excited about our goals and plans for next year. I'm ready to stop having to focus on paying off debt (almost there!) and start moving forward with our finances and the family plans God is guiding us towards.  God has given me such  hope and peace about it all and oh goodness I just can't wait.  Oh, and I already have our road trip theme song ready to go on the good 'ole iPod.

Dear Nashville, it is so awesome to see places I've been or are familiar with on television while watching your show but please let me know the next time you plan to shoot scenes at Bobby's old job so I can pretend I belong there... thanks.

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  1. Melissa Coleman11/16/12, 9:56 AM

    Love reading your blog! You are such a good aunt! I have the same problem of eating too much.. i just need to keep the sweets out and the good food in the house! Miss you! Happy Holidays.

  2. new[est] follower. loving your letters and your blog. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  3. girrrrll i so feel you on the working all the time/looking tired. whe you find a solution, let me know!

    and Jack is SUCH a cutie!! i'm so excited for thanksgiving too!

    AND, i am a bottomless pit too. apparently running also makes you act like a starving child


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