Friday's Letters

Happy Friday my friends!! I could not be more happy it's here! After a short week last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week seemed to drag on!

Dear Husband, you poor guy. You never get sick and for the last week you have been battling this nasty cold and terrible cough.  In an effort to do whatever I could to make you feel better, I convinced you to hover over the dishwasher while it was on to breathe in the hot steam.. they stay steam helps coughs! It was quick and easy.. don't judge. 

 Dear coworkers, since the husband is sick and coughing up his lungs 24/7 (I still love you), my sleep has been somewhat lacking so this morning ended up being a no shower-greasy hair-glasses with no make up kind of day. Hope you don't mind..

Dear Jack, buddy I miss you already and still can't get over this picture from Thanksgiving. I've already posted it all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so the blog was inevitably next.  Now all I need is a frame to house this picture of cuteness. 

Dear debt, could we really have you paid off by the end of next month?  It is becoming more and more of a reality that we really could be debt free by the end of the year and I had no idea how freeing it would feel! More to come on our Financial Peace journey soon!

debt is normal be weird
dave ramsey

Dear Christmas, Bobby and I haven't really gotten into our normal Christmas spirit yet and it's a little sad.  Maybe once we get our tree this weekend and Mariah Carey's Christmas CD is playing on repeat it that will change. Here's to hoping because I really enjoy this time of year!

Dear Blog, you are working me right now and I'm almost over it.  I was this close to completely shutting you down out of pure frustration that I accidentally deleted half my photo's on here and the thought of finding every single picture lost is daunting. I also was this close to moving everything to WordPress. I've decided against that for now.. but I'm watching you.  This terrible picture is still giving me nightmares.

Dear readers, please excuse the construction zone over here for the next little while as I search for all my lost pictures and attempt to reload. Pretty things are coming this blogs way, get ready.

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