Life Update & Friday's Letters

It is done. Traveling and crazy hours that is.  If you've been tagging along the last few weeks, you know I've been traveling all over the place and getting up before the chickens (or cow's according to me last night.. it's delirium I tell you) for the health screening events we've been running for our company.

I loved getting to see parts of the country I've never seen before, hated living out of suitcase, eating every meal from a restaurant, sleeping in a strange bed and being away from Bobby for entirely too long and, missed all of Nashville's beauty in October.

Thankfully, Nashville has decided to give me a taste of it this weekend. How nice right? As I'm typing this post I am sitting outside a coffee shop downtown enjoying the warm weather.

See? So pretty out! And those are short sleeves!!

I am celebrating being finished with this insanity by getting my hair did and then having a fabulous at home date night with the Mr. I know I know, like 4 posts ago I just got a haircut. Apparently my hair grows at extreme rates these days.  It's taking over my life and my head. And what girl is going to say no to some time at the salon? I mean really.

It may be almost 4pm (or 5 o'clock somewhere?), but it is still Friday, and how could I end this crazy month without doing the only type of post this poor blog has seen in weeks?

Dear Bobby, what should we do for this second weekend we get to spend at home together?? I vote anything that involves being outside.  It's going to be gorgeous out all weekend long and lets be honest... I'm so pale my white skin is reflecting the sun light..

Dear Chane and Tom, we enjoyed your quick little visit SO much and loved finally getting to meet your sweet little man.  If football is on again the next time you visit, I'll be sure to brief the guys on the rules.. Rule #1, no screaming when the baby falls asleep. You will scare him out of his skin. Poor little Simon.

Dear Pinterest, I LOVED the s'mores recipe I found on your site. You were actually better the second night even though Katie and I (and baby girl Painter) thoroughly enjoyed you the first night. I will be making you again.

Dear Laundry,  I am a week behind cleaning you and the possibility of it happening this weekend is looking slim. Get over it.

Dear Blog, I've been shopping for some time now to give you a new look but I think I'm too fickle. So sorry, please be patient with me.

Dear Readers, my brain is fried from getting up at 4am this week so this is all I got.  Thanks for sticking around.  Things should start livening up around these parts real soon. Get excited.

Happy weekending!



  1. Hey Amanda! Your blog makes me smile! :-] The smores look delicious. New follower and look forward to reading more!


  2. so much fun! glad you finally got to spend some time back at home. i just returned from nash - love it there!


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