Bobby's Annual Christmas Show!

It's that time of year again y'all... time for my husband's annual Christmas show back home (insert some major excitement here).  I look forward to this every single year because for one, it's a show I actually get to go to (most lately have been private events..boo) but also it's a night we get to spend hanging out with both of our families and we get to catch up with friends that we haven't seen in a while (some since last Christmas!). 

If your going to be in the Atlanta area for Christmas this year, come hang out! I guarantee you will have a great time! Get ready to sing along to your favorite Christmas tunes, catch up with old friends and maybe even bust out a dance move or two... 

Hope to see you there!


A Music Filled Weekend & Friday's Letters

Dear lovely readers, I can't believe it's already Friday... did you know I've been trying to post this all week? Seriously. Since Monday. Our week has been SO busy I haven't had a moment to catch up! In an effort to make me feel better about myself, I decided to combined it with my Friday's Letters post.

So this past weekend was pretty great. We got to spend time with friends, listen to amazing local music (more on that in a minute) and I finally finished decorating for Christmas (2 weeks before Christmas... whoops).

Friday night was another Cause a Scene house show.  I blogged about one of these shows once before here (just a heads up.. I still haven't re-uploaded all my pics from losing them.. so currently the post has missing pictures). In a nutshell, our friend Larry is really into helping out awesome local musicians in getting their music out there.  He is actually now working for a booking agency, but started doing this long before then.  He (bravely) opens his house up to anyone and everyone who has a love for music and puts on an amazing show  with these great artists.

This past weekends show was THE BOMB.  We usually have pretty busy weeks and have been traveling a lot on the weekends so we haven't been to a show since the spring. We were both really happy to be able to finally get to one and get back into the local music scene... and hopefully will be doing much more of that come January.

There were 3 artists/bands playing that night; Parke Avery, Seth Wood, and (get ready..) Elenowen. If you don't know what I'm hinting at.. let me jog your memory.

Rewind to The Voice season 1.  Enter Josh and Nicole, super cute couple (married) with amazing voices and beautiful harmony.

Hopefully you know who I am talking about now.  If not, I give you permission to leave this post right now and Google-it-up. You won't be disappointed. They are basically what I feel I look/sound like when I sing along with Bobby at home.

I almost didn't recognize them at first because girlfriend is now rockin' a super cute blonde hairstyle, but they totally killed it just like they did on the show. They were awesome.

Here a few pic's from the night via iPhone (I keep forgetting to charge my camera):

You should definitely check out their music. Head to My Heart may be one of my new favorite songs..

Saturday Bobby had a gig that night, so I got to putting up the rest of our Christmas decorations (the little we have).  Our place is a little over 700 square feet so there isn't a lot of room to get crazy with decor without feeling like they are taking over the place.  The main thing was finishing up the tree.  The last 2 years we haven't had a tree topper because we couldn't agree on what to put up there, a star (what I grew up having) or an angle (what he grew up having).  So this year I improvised and now we have this:

a bow!

It took me about an hour to figure out how to tie that thing. It's not perfect.. but I'm proud of it. 

And that pretty much wraps up last weekend.

As for the rest of my letters... they go a little something like this:

Dear mall,  I am really dreading you this weekend. I tried so hard to get all my Christmas shopping done on line but failed.  Anyone still doing their Christmas shopping too?? I hope so because I am not even close to being done... someone say you are and make me feel better about my procrastination. 

Dear Firmoo, I am so excited to review your glasses on here next week! 

Dear Michael Buble, thank you for bringing some holiday cheer into our living room on Tuesday, we really enjoyed your Christmas special (as always).  You're amazing and hands down my favorite artist.  Please come back to Nashville for your current tour so I can see you live. Thanks.

Dear debt, one more payment and you are GONE.

Dear Atlanta friends (or those visiting Atlanta over the holidays),  Bobby will be playing his annual Christmas show at TJ's Sunday, December 23rd at 8pm! Mark your calendars and pack your dancin' shoes. It's going to be a great time.


Come Fly With Me!

...let's fly, let's fly away..

Frank Sinatra anyone? Anyone?? That's the theme song I like to play in my head when I'm cruising through the airport.  I feel it makes it all a little more glamorous... in my head.

Anyway, If you've been following along that last few months (with the very few of posts I've managed to get out) you know I did some traveling for my job at the end of September, through the month of October.  To say it was exhausting is a bit of an understatement, BUT I was able to visit places I've never been to before {on the company dime} so a girl can't complain.

I'd love to take you along and recap the little adventures I went on through Georgia, all the way over to California, out to Colorado and finally up to Boston.  If you haven't been to those places before, hopefully I can give you some ideas on what to do (or in some cases, what not to do) if you ever decide to visit.

Rewind to the first week in September.  First up was a week long trip to Augusta, Georgia.  Even though I lived in Georgia for 7 years before moving to Nashville, I had never been there before... golf just really isn't my forte.

The first night there we had a super interesting hotel experience to say the least.  It involved spiders and dead bugs in sheets, nasty bathrooms with funky stains, electrical plugs that didn't actually work and ladies hanging out on the corner outside the hotel... for real.

Surprisingly enough, we decided not to stay there the rest of the week. Shocker, I know.

Somehow we managed to only get out of our hotel rooms once the entire week {so lame} to explore downtown Augusta only to find that it is apparently a ghost town during the week.  We did however, stroll along the downtown River Walk that was really pretty.

The river walk is basically a small park/walking trail that runs a long the river separating Georgia and South Carolina and faces some BEAUTIFUL water front homes on the South Carolina side.

We were able to find a pretty decent place to eat (that was actually open) which had a pretty entertaining Trivia night happening that we totally rocked.

The atmosphere was a lot better than the food, just FYI if you're ever in Augusta.  As we headed out of the downtown area back to the hotel, we stumbled upon Broad Street and actually found civilization.. fail.  At least we know for next time right?

And that pretty much ended our Augusta trip... I promise the others a little more interesting.. kind of.

A week later I flew out to Riverside, California for a half a week.  I was actually supposed to straight from Cali to Reno, but was cancelled from the Reno trip last minute (cue the choirs singing).

First stop while we were waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive was to grab some lunch in downtown Riverside which is kind of in the middle of the dessert and absolutely beautiful!

I really love the architecture here.

And of course the palm trees lining all the streets.

We ate lunch at Simple Simon's Bakery & Bistro (so good!) and then realized that right across the street was  Casey's Cupcakes.  For those of you who don't know, Casey's Cupcakes won Cupcake Wars on Food Network.  As much as I love cooking, I've never been a regular Food Network watcher, however, somehow I managed to catch the episode she was on.. random.

This is Casey:

And this is her Cupcake "Boutique":

The whole place is pink and sparkly and oober girly and I loved it.

And these are her amazing cupcakes:

Omg. They were so good I wish I would have bought one of each kind.

We also got to check out the historic Mission Inn which was right next door.

This beautiful, historic Inn was apparently the location for both President Nixon and President Reagan's weddings and honeymoons and has also had a plethora of former Presidents and famous guests including Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, JFK, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein (!!), and even Miss Piggy and the Muppet's.  You can actually see the full list of famous guests on their website here. It is unreal.

These are the lovely ladies I was traveling with:

There is an Italian bistro right next door to Casey's Cupcakes {you can actually see the sign for it in one of the pictures above} called Belle Trattoria. It was delish; I highly recommend it. They have a huge out door patio which was absolutely lovely.

And thus ends the interesting portion of my Cali trip.

The following week I flew out to Loveland, Colorado which is about an hour north of Boulder. I had high hopes of awesome outdoorsy fun and thrilling mountain hikes complete with elk and mountain goats.  They employees there gave us so many great places to go visit and hikes to go on I was pumped! Well, the only "interesting" picture I left Loveland with was this:

Yup. You read that correctly. Tata's Burritos. And no, we did not eat there.. 'nough said.
Loveland trip = major fail. I think we were just too exhausted at this point to find anything cool to do.
Maybe next time.

Last but not least was my trip to Massachusetts  This was the mother of all work travel.  We were there Sunday to Tuesday. Not as in, arrive and 2 days later leave.  I mean we were there for a full week and a half. Weekend and all.  This wouldn't have been too crazy if we weren't getting up at the crack of dawn everyday.  The exhaustion was totally worth it though because 1. I've never been to Boston and found out that I love that city, and 2. I got to see and do some pretty fun stuff like...

New Bedford. A little quiet during the colder months but a super cute waterfront town.

We actually went there twice. The first night went to Cork Wine and Tapas. If you are a wine connoisseur or just like wine and food, go here. Five stars in my book. 

That there is called a flight. A wine flight. There are three wines paired in a flight. Mine was called The Italian Job and consisted of three red Italian wines. They were amazing.  Then, they pair the tapas special of the day with it for only $13.  So that's 3 glasses of wine and a pretty hefty appetizer for $13.  I spy a good deal.  

After, we decided to try out the ale house next door for dinner. We didn't end up eating dinner because it took us about 3 hours to finish our beer flights we decided to try. Same idea as above, just with beer. 

This is Rose Alley Ale House. For any of you beer lovers out there, or those of you that enjoy local places when you travel, this was a great local bar in the area with over 30 beers on tap and a wide selection of seasonal beer too!  

We were there in October so there were a lot of Pumpkin and Cider choices, my favorite!

Neat little tid-bit about Rose Alley is that they have hand-blown glass mugs, made by local artists for members of their Mug Club. Pretty cool.

The second time we took at trip down to New Bedford we ate at a seafood restaurant on the water, Davy's Locker. It was OK. The food was good, but I am a huge seafood lover and I love eating locally when I travel, and I just think we probably could have found a much better option there. The service was just OK too. 

Another day during our trip we decided to spend the afternoon in Boston {I am in love}. 

Our first stop was to the Sam Adams Brewery.  I feel like this blog post is making us look like alcoholics, but we really aren't.  We were just trying to find entertainment for the long trip. :) 

Anyway, we were able to get to the brewery in time for one of their tours which was pretty cool. This particular brewery is only used for testing and tours.  The tour was super short {just the way I like it} and then we headed to the tasting room where we got one of these cute little tasting glasses:

So cute right?? This is actually what my grandpa would drink his wine out of so I've seen them before. 

At the beginning of the tour they give you a voucher (the label to a beer bottle) to take to a restaurant down the road where you get a free mug with your beer order.  It is a special mug, designed especially for Sam Adams beer. The bottom of the glass is super thick to prevent the heat from you hand from warming your beer, the top of the glass is wide to allow your nose room in the glass while you drink to smell the aroma and the bottom has ridges in it to keep the beer carbonated.  So scientific those beer people are. 

And now Bobby has his own special beer drinking glass. 

After that we headed downtown see Cheers and to find a place to eat dinner. I don't know about you guys, but I loved watching Cheers when I was younger! 

The second floor of the building is the remake of the bar. It was pretty cool. AND they serve all their drinks in the famous Cheers beer mugs.

Right when you go up the stairs to get to the second floor, there is a spiral staircase that goes all the way to the top floor of the building. Apparently the owner lives there. How awesome is that?? 

Could you imagine going up those stairs everyday?? One of the waitresses told us that out of all the things to take pictures of there, the staircase gets the most photos. hah!

After Cheers, we made our way over to Hanover Street which is Boston's Little Italy.  My dad told me he thinks it's better than NYC's Little Italy and coming from an Italian, Brooklyn native and die hard Yankees fan... that's a pretty bold statement.

Hanover Street is literally blocks of one after another Italian restaurants, bakeries and shops. I was in heaven!  The most overwhelming thing was trying to choose a place to eat!! It took us forever!  One of the girls I was traveling with was told about Cantina Italiana, a small family owned restaurant that has been there since 1931! It is the oldest restaurant in the North End and it did not disappoint!!

I totally splurged and got the Bombolotti con Aragosta which is their homemade Bombolotti pasta with shrimp and lobster all sauteed in garlic and tomatoes.

 After dinner, even though we were stuffed, we made a stop at the family Mike's Pastry. This place is so popular their doors stay open until 10:30pm during the week and 11:30pm on weekends!

 You can see up top {kind of} all the pictures of their different cannoli's. I've never see so many cannoli options!  I actually didn't end up getting one because I knew there would be plenty at my aunts that weekend, I ended up going with my number one fav. dessert: the cupcake. In hindsight again, I should have gotten more than one. It was a dance party in my mouth.

Since we were there over a weekend, I had the opportunity to drive down to Long Island (about a 4 hour drive) to visit my aunt and Nanny (dad's sister and mom) where I was able to get a little R&R between events and totally stuffed my face with all things amazing for 2 days straight.. the main reason why it took me all of November to fit back into my pants. #truestory #soworthit.

Sunday my Nanny and I spend the day going through old photo's, her wedding album and putzing around the garage where my Poppy kept all his fun do-hickeys and framed photographs.
my nanny and poppy with my dad and aunt and their
sister barbara before she passed.

the garage

That pretty much wraps up my month of travels.  I really enjoy getting to relive this kind of stuff with you guys on here so thanks for tagging along!

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