A Music Filled Weekend & Friday's Letters

Dear lovely readers, I can't believe it's already Friday... did you know I've been trying to post this all week? Seriously. Since Monday. Our week has been SO busy I haven't had a moment to catch up! In an effort to make me feel better about myself, I decided to combined it with my Friday's Letters post.

So this past weekend was pretty great. We got to spend time with friends, listen to amazing local music (more on that in a minute) and I finally finished decorating for Christmas (2 weeks before Christmas... whoops).

Friday night was another Cause a Scene house show.  I blogged about one of these shows once before here (just a heads up.. I still haven't re-uploaded all my pics from losing them.. so currently the post has missing pictures). In a nutshell, our friend Larry is really into helping out awesome local musicians in getting their music out there.  He is actually now working for a booking agency, but started doing this long before then.  He (bravely) opens his house up to anyone and everyone who has a love for music and puts on an amazing show  with these great artists.

This past weekends show was THE BOMB.  We usually have pretty busy weeks and have been traveling a lot on the weekends so we haven't been to a show since the spring. We were both really happy to be able to finally get to one and get back into the local music scene... and hopefully will be doing much more of that come January.

There were 3 artists/bands playing that night; Parke Avery, Seth Wood, and (get ready..) Elenowen. If you don't know what I'm hinting at.. let me jog your memory.

Rewind to The Voice season 1.  Enter Josh and Nicole, super cute couple (married) with amazing voices and beautiful harmony.

Hopefully you know who I am talking about now.  If not, I give you permission to leave this post right now and Google-it-up. You won't be disappointed. They are basically what I feel I look/sound like when I sing along with Bobby at home.

I almost didn't recognize them at first because girlfriend is now rockin' a super cute blonde hairstyle, but they totally killed it just like they did on the show. They were awesome.

Here a few pic's from the night via iPhone (I keep forgetting to charge my camera):

You should definitely check out their music. Head to My Heart may be one of my new favorite songs..

Saturday Bobby had a gig that night, so I got to putting up the rest of our Christmas decorations (the little we have).  Our place is a little over 700 square feet so there isn't a lot of room to get crazy with decor without feeling like they are taking over the place.  The main thing was finishing up the tree.  The last 2 years we haven't had a tree topper because we couldn't agree on what to put up there, a star (what I grew up having) or an angle (what he grew up having).  So this year I improvised and now we have this:

a bow!

It took me about an hour to figure out how to tie that thing. It's not perfect.. but I'm proud of it. 

And that pretty much wraps up last weekend.

As for the rest of my letters... they go a little something like this:

Dear mall,  I am really dreading you this weekend. I tried so hard to get all my Christmas shopping done on line but failed.  Anyone still doing their Christmas shopping too?? I hope so because I am not even close to being done... someone say you are and make me feel better about my procrastination. 

Dear Firmoo, I am so excited to review your glasses on here next week! 

Dear Michael Buble, thank you for bringing some holiday cheer into our living room on Tuesday, we really enjoyed your Christmas special (as always).  You're amazing and hands down my favorite artist.  Please come back to Nashville for your current tour so I can see you live. Thanks.

Dear debt, one more payment and you are GONE.

Dear Atlanta friends (or those visiting Atlanta over the holidays),  Bobby will be playing his annual Christmas show at TJ's Sunday, December 23rd at 8pm! Mark your calendars and pack your dancin' shoes. It's going to be a great time.

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