It's go time.

If we're friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram this is so old news, but as of today, we are 9 days past my due date... so there's that.  It actually hasn't been as awful as I would have thought being past due would be but that may be because I still think the worst part of this pregnancy was late in the 2nd trimester when my body felt like that of a 90 year.. but I digress.

Tomorrow is officially induction day, unless our little man decides to come in the next 24 hours.. which I'm doubting.. I think his personality may be a bit like mine which means we will always be waiting on him and his sweet timing. :)

I'm writing this at 12:30 in the morning (forgot to click the post button :) ) which never happens but I think I have taken on a bit of insomnia in anticipation of our big day tomorrow.  There are still a few things I'd would like to get done around the house so it's nice he has decided to take his sweet time, but I am also so ready for him to be here with us already.

I've been having pretty consistent dreams about the birth and finally meeting him but I never really get a good look at his face and my heart beats out of my chest when I start to think about looking at my son face to face for the first time. I seriously can't wait.  I have been dreaming about what he would look like for the last 9 months... so to say I'm excited would be a huge understatement.

A few other things I'm looking forward to? Not wearing maternity clothes anymore.  Obviously this won't be an immediate thing (I'm not that naive people), but knowing that I'll be on my way to wearing pants that don't require a panel and shirts that don't need to be configured over my ever growing bump sounds kind of nice at this point.  Just being honest. Also, being able to breathe easy again (I've had crazy congestion these last few weeks that I'm pretty sure are pregnancy related) and to finally get to sleep on my back and stomach again (even if it is just for a few hours at a time) are at the top of my list as well.

Becoming a family of three and finally having our sweet boy with us totally trumps all of these minor perks that have come to mind and I am still in a slight state of disbelieve that this day has finally come.

We are all set up and ready to go in our room.  We are in a one bedroom apartment so there is no nursery which has kind of been nice because I think wanting to decorate it would have been extremely distracting for me and really bad for our budget. :) Anyway, we have our co-sleeper all set up and the changing table which is basically all he'll need for the next few months until we move.

The photo's were taken with my phone so they aren't the best quality but you get the point.

We plan on spending our last night as a family of 2 going to the movies and dinner and I plan on eating my weight in food since I am not allowed to eat after midnight. 

Next time I'm on here.. I'll be a mom! Wahoo!!


Alpha. Christ Centered Childbirth Education

Alpha Childbirth.

It's a childbirth class (obviously) that we heard about through some friends.  Since both my husband and I have crazy schedules, we knew we wouldn't be able to attend any in class childbirth education week after week and so we were looking for some type of home study instead. That's when we found out about Alpha.  Have any of you heard of this before or used it?  From what we read on their site and heard from others, it seemed like your typical class that goes through all the in's and out's of labor and delivery and child care, but all through a Christian lens.

I won't go into all the details, but I will say that from the home study I feel educated and equip about labor and delivery. We are going to attempt to go med-free which is what the study focuses on, however, it still gives you all the information you would need to make an informed decision about pain meds and c-section should you need/want them or a situation arise where c-section is needed. BUT. In addition to all of this, at the end of each section there is a spiritual preparation portion as well as a daily devotional you receive with you study that have been my favorite part and the most helpful to me. You also get an audio CD of spoken affirmations and scripture for relaxation and meditation that have seriously rocked my world.  I think the most important thing I've taken from this entire study, is to invite my Creator into my labor and delivery. After all, he is the creator of all things and is the one who has knit this little life together in my body and when I think of it that way, it almost seems arrogant not to, you know?

All that to say, we have really enjoyed this study so I wanted to share a bit about it for any of you who are looking for a home study to use for your upcoming birth.  You can find more info on their website here or feel free to reach out to me, I'd be more than happy to go into more detail about what I thought of the home study. :)

"Pregnancy is spiritual battle ground, and it takes a tremendous amount of disciple and faith to rely on God's promises instead of the misinformation and empty lies of the world around you....'You are worthy, oh Lord, to receive glory and honor, for you created all things and by your will they were created and have their being.' (Rev. 4:11) ...allow your pregnancy and this new life to serve as a testimony to His grace and His glory. Allow people to see Him through you and this journey." -from the Alpha Childbirth Audio CD


7 more weeks.. how did that happen?!

It's been a quiet season for me in the blogging world the last few months.  I'm not upset about it, just observing.  It's been a nice break and we have been super busy so there hasn't been much time anyway.  I do still love it though.  I've mentioned many times on here how it helps me to slow down and reflect on everything going on in our life and God has put it on my heart lately to return to that during these last 7ish weeks of pregnancy.

In addition to that, I recently had a conversation my sister who pointed out that her and my mom were a little upset I never send "bump" updates out to the family like we all hounded her about during her last two pregnancies.  As she was telling me this, I realized that I was the one who gave her such a hard time about it. #oops So, here is an update on the last 8 months with some pics that may or may not have the correct week attached to them because well, I don't have a brain anymore so your guess is as good as mine! :)

First Trimester. 

It was rough to be completely honest. I've already mentioned the lovely morning sickness I experienced along with unimaginable fatigue. Pairing that with a full time job made those 12 weeks really difficult and not extremely productive.  It was also really strange not looking pregnant but feeling very pregnant all at the same time.

Around the 10th week I noticed everyday I felt a little better than the day before, which was encouraging because I was starting to get nervous I was going to be sick the rest of the pregnancy and contemplated adopting the rest of our children.  Everything I read reassured me that the sicker you are, the healthier your baby... wives tale? Maybe. But it made me feel better. :)

Second Trimester. 

We traveled a lot so I feel like it went by super fast.  We found out our little babe is a boy in June and it definitely made the whole pregnancy feel a little more real. I started looking more like I was with child and less like I had just eaten a burrito too. That was nice.

We had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound during this time too and got to see our little guy in action.  It took the girl a little while to be able to get a good picture of him because he was trying to attempt a somersault while she was trying to get a good view at things.  Everything looked good except for his kidneys.  They were slightly dilated.  Our doctor didn't seem too worried about it and explained that it is actually somewhat common with male babies and should subside on its own.  For a couple of weeks I was worried.  The thought of something wrong with this helpless baby in my belly that I did not have ability to fix it was hard to deal with and scary but God was and is so faithful and has honestly washed away my fears and anxieties about it.

Exercise became harder, mainly because of my work/travel schedule, but also due to the added weight gain.  It was definitely harder than I thought it would be to get used to.. not the actual number on the scale but the amount of pressure it put on my joints... I feel like I have arthritis. Who knew. But, I've learned to take it easy when needed and I'm usually always on the go so it's been a nice change. :)

17 weeks

18 weeks
20 weeks

22 weeks
25 weeks
Third Trimester.

That was a bit of a surreal day when we realized we were in the home stretch of the pregnancy. In 7 weeks (more or less) we get to meet our little peanut. I find myself day dreaming about what he will look like, if he will have mine or Bobby's eyes, nose and mouth, if he will be bald or have a head full of hair and what his little personality will be like.  My belly has definitely grown and has a life of its own these days.  We were at a retreat for Young Life leaders a couple weeks ago and I met a girl who was 3 weeks ahead of me and I looked like I was at least 4 weeks ahead of her. Yikes! Her reaction was a little funny when I told her how far along I was, it definitely took her by surprise.

We had our 32 week ultrasound this past Monday to recheck the baby's kidneys and praise Jesus they have healed on their own.  It was such an answered prayer, I almost jumped off the exam table when he told us!  It was exciting to see how big he had gotten since the last ultrasound 12 weeks before too, she didn't have to zoom quite as much to get a good look at things.  We were told that he is about 4 1/2 pounds which doesn't really mean much since they can be off a pound or two anyway, but he definitely feels that big.  We also got an ok look at his chubby little face that I can stop staring at.  He is currently sitting breech with his face tucked into my right rib cage so we were only able to see half his face, but I'm already in love.  You could see his droopy chunky cheeks already and I love it.

28 weeks
30 weeks
32 weeks
Speaking of him being breech, in attempts to flip him around, we have been doing a lot of the techniques suggested by our childbirth class from SpinningBabies.com.  One of which you lie upside down on an incline of some sort (I've been using the ironing board for this).  I'll let you know how things go.. if anything it has provided Bobby and I with a lot of entertainment.

So there we have it.  Our pregnancy thus far. We are praying for God to continue to prepare our hearts and our home over these next two months and would appreciate your prayers as well!


Life Lately

I'm blogging? I know, I'm shocked myself. :)

Life around here has been quite busy lately and by lately I mean since March.. and by busy I mean dealing with morning sickness and exhaustion for 3 months followed by me trying to figure out to be a productive person of society while a small person takes over my body.  Every time the thought of sitting myself down to enjoy a quiet moment of blogging comes to mind, I usually forget about it 2 minutes later.. darn pregnancy brain.

I decided the best way to get back up to speed was with a recap post of the last few months (aka a photo dump post), so get comfy.

March. Weddings, more weddings, wedding showers, birthdays oh.. and a positive pregnancy test. Yup, that about sums up the month of March!

At the beginning of the month we drove to Atlanta for one of my sweet high school friends weddings.  It was a much needed reunion with friends I hadn't seen since Bobby I got married! How sad!

high school reunion! <3 them!

the most delicious and amazing cake, ever.

Amy looked so beautiful and I was so happy to finally meet her husband!

The same night ended with a fun wedding shower for two sweet friends of ours, Todd & Julia which brought with it some much needed catch up time with college friends we hadn't seen in quite a while either! (One of the reasons I love wedding season so much!)

that's love right there.

At some point we celebrated my birthday but I don't have any evidence of that so I could be lying.. can't remember (see what I mean about pregnancy brain?).  I even asked Bobby what we did and he couldn't remember either.. we have serious issues.

A few weeks later we were off to New Orleans for my husbands best friends wedding.  I had never been to New Orleans before and we had the best time catching up with our friends and celebrating the newlyweds! (so sorry.. the TWO photo's I have are iPhone pics..) I think I took more with our point and shoot camera but I'm not really sure where it is.. :)

the cathedral where Kate and Drew got married! gorgeous.

at the beautiful reception!

Fast forward a few days later to Bobby's birthday and SUPRISE! We're pregnant. Happy Birthday Bobby! :) About 30 minutes later, we drove to the hospital to meet our friends sweet little girl.To say it was a little overwhelming to be in the maternity wing of a hospital right after finding out you are pregnant would be a huge understatement.

April was a blur due to morning sickness and complete exhaustion but I was able to make it home for my brother's last high school lax tournament and senior prom (tear)!
obsessing over the zoom lens my parents neighbor let me borrow.

baby joe doin' his thang.

May. Mid-May we attended Todd and Julia's wedding in Nashville (we were so excited not to travel)! Only a few of our close friends knew we were prego at that point, so unfortunately (yeah right) I had to buy a new dress... :)

At the end of the month we traveled back home to Atlanta to finally tell our families we were pregnant (and for my brothers high school graduation...) :)! What a relief it was to finally share the news with them and not have to hide it every time I was on the phone with my mom!

Telling my family...
cheers to the graduate!!
opening her "late mothers day gift"

confused for a moment as to why we bought her mini boots that clearly don't fit her feet...

wait a minute...

it's blurry but a good one. finally gets it!

Telling my husband's family...

"oh what a cute picture!" (so confused)

still trying to figure it out..

then it clicked. smiles all around!

A few days after, we got together with our Young Life high school friends to share the news with them as well.  We made it into a game and it was so funny to see their faces when they finally figured out what the hang man puzzle read! Priceless!

June.  Two weeks after our announcement we found out we were having a boy (YAY!) and around that time Bobby started the recording process for his debut album and although that doesn't sound like a lot going on.. it was. June was nuts but it ended with a much needed vacation for the both of us so no complaints here!

Our vacation started with a road trip up to New Jersey for a wedding Bobby was hired to play at.  To say these people were awesome would be an understatement.  I was a little hesitant about tagging along to one of my husbands gigs (someones wedding none-the-less) where I don't know a soul and he is occupied the entire time, but they invited me to come along and it was either that, or sit in our hotel room the whole day.  I am so glad I went! We had a blast and such a testament to what we are doing as a family with music.  I was blown away with the encouraging feedback he received from the bride and groom and their guests.

salty caramel ice cream. don't mind if i do.

the groom practicing his vows before the ceremony. so sweet.

here comes the bride! and her dad with the most amazing stash i have ever seen.

first dance.
post wedding. a success!

our hotel for the weekend. swanky.
room key. how awesome is that!?
the lobby. super old school. 
then we were off to reception #2, the bonfire. :) SO fun.

July. After the New Jersey gig, we headed south to Holden Beach, NC to spend the week with Bobby's family.  It is sad to admit but somehow, this is the first actual vacation I've been on with his family... ever! We had a blast AND my sister was even able to come down for a day and a half with my niece and nephew whom I cannot get enough of.


July 10th we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. <3 Our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year, lame, so we had a yummy dinner complete with Gigi's cupcakes that night and saved the actual celebration for that Friday night.  We met up after work at Yazoo Brewery (which wasn't as much of a bummer as I thought it would be for me..) where we have had a lot of Friday afternoon date nights, followed by dinner at Music City Flats which was incredible.  They knew it was our anniversary and provided us the best service I have had at a restaurant in a long time.  AND they gave us free dessert! I was one happy prego lady!

So that's what we've been up to these last few months which brings me to last weekend where my sisters and sister-in-law's threw me a shower back home.  I'll be back with a separate post on that once I get the pics but it was such a beautiful and sweet shower.  This little guy and I felt very loved and so very thankful!

Happy Friday my friends!

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