DIY :: Entryway Mail Holder & Coat Rack

Remember that post, oh about 6 months ago, when I was in search of shutters and window frames? Well between not finding exactly what I was looking for, work travel during the fall and then the holidays... it's finally finished.

Quick recap.  We live in a tiny apartment and have a real issue with staying organized in our small space with one of those issues being our shoes, coats and more importantly the mail. We've been in desperate need for some sort of entryway catch all to help reduce the clutter.

Over the summer while we were back in Atlanta, my mom and sister and I took a trip down to Scott's Antique Market to see what kinds of goodies we could find.  If you're ever in Atlanta when they are having it, I highly suggest you go.  We ended up having a pretty successful trip but definitely left wanting to go back again.  It's a pretty amazing place y'all.  So many beautiful items, and if you are patient enough to browse through a lot of it, you can find some really great steals.

I didn't find any window frames in my price range to hang behind the couch (no worries, I ended up hanging old mirrors I had forgot we had in storage) and I actually didn't find any shutters either... BUT I found something way better. 

I'm not exactly sure what to call it but the best way to describe it is that it looks like a metal pegboard you'd find in a garage, but with only 2 columns of holes instead of the entire board being covered with holes and so much prettier. Makes sense so far? Maybe?

We found it literally right as we were getting ready to leave and it was love at first sight.  Frances Domingues is the dealer who sells these beauties and told us how she hand painted them all herself.  Who knew you could paint metal like that?!  She sells them with metal wire hanging across it to hang things off of.  We also met a fascinating man selling old ammunition boxes which my sister bought me as a late birthday gift for us to use to store shoes.  It was a very successful trip!

In addition to the items we found at the antique market, I also found a wire basket to use to hold mail in from World Market and a couple of sets of hooks for our keys and coats.



The details:

Wire Basket from World Market

Key Hooks from Hobby Lobby

Mini clips came from Joann's Fabrics.

Coat Hook from Hobby Lobby.
Ammunition Box from Scott's Antique Market.


  1. Kudos to me for telling you to buy that metal plate and wood box. I'm so savvy. Not to toot my own horn or anything... ;)


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