New Look!

Thanks to Moe at Five Sixteenths Design Shoppe for giving this space of mine a pretty little makeover. I am in love and giddy with excitement over it! You know that feeling when you redecorate or paint a room in your home? That's basically how I feel about this new blog design!

Not only are Moe's designs amazing, and she is so incredibly nice and extremely helpful! The process of working with her was quick and painless.  Within five days of me contacting her, she created everything I needed just how I pictured it, all I had to do was install.  Once she sent me all my files, I learned quickly why people additionally pay to have their design installed. Talk about time consuming.    Needless to say, I'm a little tired today. :)

There are a couple of new goodies around here.

New Labels. I am still tweaking a few things with these, so they may not work properly right now but hang with me! I've been fixing them as I work my way through the older posts that have lost their pictures (which is like a full time job) so they should be working correctly soon...hopefully.  It's been a little draining having to go through all our pictures and my posts to find everything but I'm getting there.

Social Media & Contact Icons. You can now go through my blog to find me on all the social media networks and follow along if you'd like. I always like finding all my blog friends outside of our blog world on there!

Blog Button. If you're up for trading, just message me or send me an email! I'd love to swap! My html info is at the bottom of the left-hand column below the picture.  ;)

Writing on this blog is something I really enjoying doing in my free time {when I can find some}.  I hope that in sharing glimpses into our life with you {the blessings, hard times, lessons learned, projects, recipes, etc.}, that all of it would point back to our Savior.  We have been created by Him, for His glory and it is His gift to us to enjoy it and display it in our lives, for all to see. So, thanks for sticking around and letting me share life with you!


Thanks for leaving me some love!

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