Taking a look back...

Well, I'm a little late with this post (actually it's been hanging out half finished in my drafts..). I just like to do things in my own time.. you know?

Anyway, one of things Bobby and I like to do as the year ends is take a look back to recount all the craziness that went on over the last 12 months, praise God for His blessings and provision, and laugh at some of the moments that may not have been so laughable at the time.

It does my heart good to sit with the many seasons the Lord has taken me through since January.  It is a reminder for me that no matter what, my Savior has me wrapped up in his arms and that whether times are sweet or tough, it is all for His glory and I need not worry.

So lets rewind all the way back to the beginning of 2012 my friends.

January brought many of our friends in town for SEYA's {South Eastern Young Alumni Association} annual Affair to Care, marked the start of our journey to become debt free through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Program and also brought a bang cut I probably could have done without {see below}.


February and March were filled with birthday celebrations for Bobby and I, a debutante ball for his youngest sister and a wedding shower for one of my sweet friends.

Linds' shower!

Bobby's parents came to visit for our birthdays!

Senior Presents for Bobby's Sister!

April. Y'all. April was nuts.  We ran our first half marathon {ever} and moved homes all in the same weekend.  The weekend prior we weren't even in town being productive. We were back in Atlanta celebrating the marriage of one of Bobby's best friends.

Posts in May were scarce.  There was a lot of unpacking going on and selling half of our belongings on craigslist... and no Internet.  At the end of the month we traveled back to Atlanta to see the last of the Cool's graduate from Centennial High School.

June & July.

We were maybe home for 2 weekends out of the whole summer.  June and July flew by with 2 weddings, a huge family reunion, and a vacation on Long Island. But my highlight was most definitely camp with our Young Life kids.  God moved mountains that week. It was amazing.

Windy Gap!

The Meyers!

Family photo from Buckley Family Weekend

In August, Bobby's sister left for college, my brother started his last year of high school and my best friend got married.

The Richards! 

I like to call September and October "Insanity".  I did a massive amount of traveling for work, Bobby's sister got married (and I never blogged about it.. fail.), we went to weekend camp with our Young Life group, and  my little sister turned 21 which made me feel way older than I should.  I'm pretty sure a lot more happened but those two months are a pretty big blur for me.

The Callahan's!

It took me the entire month of November to settle back into a routine at home after being traveling for so long.  This is the "letters" month.  Every post from that month is a Friday's Letters post.  There was a lot of soaking in time at home going on and very little of anything else. We headed home at the end of November for Thanksgiving with our families, and got to spend time with my sweet little nephew.  Here a few of my favorites:

He loved his cowboy boots!! Just couldn't figure out how to walk in them...

no words.

cheesin' it with Nona

yes. they are all with my nephew. #ICantHelpIt

To be honest with y'all, December was a tough month for me.  I was in the Word a lot, praying a lot  but still felt this overwhelming feeling of sadness.  I actually thought maybe I going through a bout of depression but what I am learning is that it was sadness from my eyes being open to see the true state of my heart and becoming more honest with myself about how truly broken I am. The Lord has been doing a major work in me through this and for that I am thankful. More on that another day.

Christmas was celebrated back in Atlanta, as always. The day before Christmas Bobby played his annual Christmas show which was awesome, Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house eating the Feast of the 7 Fish for hours on end (which is actually up to like 9 fish now..), and Christmas Day we spent at Bobby's parents house.

Bobby's Christmas Show! I like this picture best because it looks like he just yelling really loud into the mic. :)
Me and the baby sis. Always checking herself before a picture..

Frying up all the fish Christmas Eve!


Christmas morning!

Cool's + Wrights + Callahan

We had a nice long weekend home this year for New Years.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time since we've been married that we have spent longer than 3 days off from work at home.. usually it is around the holidays so we are back in Atlanta. Not this year. I was sick as a dog, so there was a lot of couch cuddling happening over the 4 day weekend and even though I was sick, it was glorious.

Oh, and we ended the year with our final loan payment going through. How's that for starting the new year off with a bang? Woohoo!

about to make the payment...

payment submitted.
So long 2012 and hello 2013!

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