Friday's Letters

Dear blog, you sure do clean up nicely. I am smitten with your new design and can't thank Moe enough for creating it for me!

Dear yoga students,  I thoroughly enjoyed kicking your butt (in a positive way) with my yoga blocks and straps that finally came in this week.  You are rock stars.

Dear kitchen, you and I had an impromptu organizing/cleaning session on Tuesday night that kept me from doing about a thousand other things on my to-do list. OCD at it's finest. 3 hours later...SO worth it.

Dear YL Campaigners group,  This may have been my favorite night yet. God is GOOD.  The Holy Spirit was doing major work in our group that night and I am so thankful and so encouraged.  We had amazing conversations surrounding Andy Stanley's "Simple" series about what it means to take that first step in Jesus' invitation to simply "Follow me".  I will keep praying that God continues to show you to what it looks like to follow Him through the dark hallways of high school. You girls are amazing.
Dear love, you have had the flu all week and I am so thankful you are on the up and up today. Although I was extremely productive this week because you weren't there to distract me like usual (which I love), I've missed you. It's just no fun when you're sick.

Dear jewelry store in Atlanta that shall remain nameless, shame on you for taking advantage of young (and somewhat naive) couples like us and selling us a faulty (engagement) ring and then trying to blame this mess on my "taste". I could start my own diamond collection with the number of stones that have fallen out of this "one of a kind" ring you created and I'm pretty sure other people I know with similar "tastes" don't have this issue.  You used to be a major source of frustration for us but now we just expect it and chalk it up as a life lesson.  This is not normal. #majorfail  #justgivemeagoldbandandwe'llcallitaday

Dear Laura and Veda Jane, is it true we haven't seen each other since summer? That is ridiculous.  I am so excited to spend the weekend with you guys showering Katie and baby Painter. I love weekends like these!

Dear snow, I'd appreciate it if the next time you come to town you would also cover the roads so I can stay snuggled up in my warm home instead of freezing my buns off outside at 6am defrosting and desnowing my car. #thanksfornothin'

Happy February friends (I still can't believe it!) and TGIF!



  1. Totally not cool about the engagement ring. I hope you get it taken care of, thats just not right! :-/

    Found you via The Sweet Season, Super cute blog! :-) New follower.


  2. Wow!! I can't believe that about your engagement ring!!! Pretty crappy. :( So glad you're design is working out though :)


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