Friday's Letters

Dear Katie, I loved getting to help shower you with gifts and well wishes for your sweet little peanut that is coming NEXT MONTH. I feel like time has flown by and that you should only be like 3 months pregnant, not 8... We are SO EXCITED to meet your little one in March!! AH!

Dear Laura,  I am so happy I got to see you this weekend and celebrate your birthday sweet friend!  I am thankful for weekends like these and I'm sure Veda Jane is thankful too for her mom letting her eat icing cake all weekend. #coolestmomever
Oh, and you live too far away so...let's fix that?

Dear Bobby, I hope you like the spot you have in every.single.letter. I'm thankful that this week I'm sharing my excitement about our post-work-Friday-afternoon-mini-date we're about to meet up for and not my sadness about you being sick.

Dear Wilco YL Leaders,  I hope to see all of you tonight at our first ever worship night. What could be better than group of amazing YL leaders all coming together to worship and praise our Creator? Wait until you see the list of songs. It's going to rock your socks off.

And as always, TGIF! Goodness it's been a LONG week!


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  1. catching up on my blogs over here :)
    My child has never had so much sugar in her life. I swear.


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