Fridays Letters-Birthday Style

Dear Friends, yesterday was my birthday and while week day birthdays are typically uneventful and extremely underwhelming, I have a lot to look forward to this weekend that will make up for it like only working a half day today {whoop, whoop}, getting my hair did, mani/pedi's with my sweet friend Katie and a bunch of dates with my husband between now and Sunday. #cantwait
such a random photo I found but I thought it was funny... :)

Dear Young Life girls, I love you and thank you for the balloon and rose and chocolate! You know me too well! You girls are so sweet and I had a blast hanging out last night! I'm so happy I could celebrate my birthday with you!

Dear Husband, Thank you for my beautiful flowers and for the sweet note you left me that I never even noticed until you pointed it out... sorry. I'm not the most observant person at 5am... but I loved it!  I really did. :) It will remain up on the board as long as possible...or until your birthday.. And PS. I am still so proud of you and the culinary skills you showed off last night. Well done sir. Dinner was delish. Can't wait for our weekend of dates. I love you.

Dear Katie, is it three o'clock yet? All I can think about is getting my feet massaged during our pedicures today.  I am determined to get us (or at least you) additional foot massage time.  I can be very convincing and lets be honest, who is going to turn down a pregnant woman? Come on.

Dear Blog, there are currently 16 post drafts just sitting waiting to be finished. 16. Where did all my free time go?? I'm going to blame it on day light savings just to make myself feel better about it.

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  1. Such a sweet hubby you have! Happy Birthday! :-) Hope you continue to celebrate into the weekend!

  2. happy happy birthday! Mine is on a Tuesday, (March 19th), whoop whoop!:-) xoxo


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