A Baby Shower Brunch

A couple of months ago (I know.. I am years behind) we threw one of our dear friends, Katie, a baby shower brunch to celebrate her and little Maisy.. who is finally here and the cutest thing ever! You can head over to my friend Laura's blog to see all the beautiful decorations for this sweet shower, but today (for all you foodies out there like me) I'm focusing on my favorite part of any party... the food.  I really think in my next life I may just have to be a party planning chef. That's how much fun I had cooking for this party. :)

The snow tried to threaten our cute little brunch but let's be honest, any time is the perfect time for brunch. So an afternoon shower it was.

 The menu:

Waffle Bar 
Sarah Smith's Vegetable Frittata
Mango and Avocado Salad
Sarah T's Blueberry Scones
Cake! {via Publix}
PINK lemonade

Waffle Bar with all the delish fixin's you could think of from fruit to syrup to 
homemade whipped cream.

I probably could have eaten that entire frittata, fyi. It was amazing... eggs, cheese, black beans, avocado.. it was so good!  Also, you can find the recipe to the 
mango/avocado salad here. It's my favorite salad to make!

Mini-Parfaits that were super easy to make. 
{Vanilla Greek yogurt + a layer of strawberries & blueberries + a scoop of granola.

Happy Party Planning Friends! 

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