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In continuing with my love for food (from my last post in April...whoops), I want to share a little from our weekend Chicago trip we took back in January... yeah yeah I know it's May.

Before jumping into this little food recap let me first say that this city is AWESOME. I had never been to Chicago before and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Can't way to go back. Second, let me explain to you a little bit about the thought process that happens every time I travel. Seriously. Every. Time.  Instead of looking into all the cool places to see and fun things to do, I look up yummy places to eat.  And no, not fancy restaurants.  Just good local eats that have great reviews.  Seriouseats.com, travelchannel.com, foodnetwork.com are few I check out along with random food blogs and that's pretty much how I like to make my plan for visiting new cities.  Thankfully, my husband is always on board with this plan.  He likes to see historical sites and whatnot, so we get in a good mix of both. It's a nice balance.

Our first stop was for pizza at Pequods Pizza  near where Bobby's cousin lives in Wrigleyville (you can literally walk to the stadium from her house!). For all you clueless people out there, Chicago pizza is basically pizza made backwards with really thick crust.

It was good. But I still prefer New York pizza hands down. Sorry Jenny! :) You just can't beat it.

After dinner we each enjoyed a wine flight at Websters Wine Bar.  This place was really cool. They had so many flights to choose from and such an awesome atmosphere! The staff was super friendly too.

Saturday morning we headed to Meli Cafe for brunch. #yum. Everything served was super fresh, even the juice and the presentation was beautiful.  Even though we showed up right in the middle of their brunch rush,  we still didn't really wait that long for a table for 4.  Maybe 10 minutes? I was impressed.

We wondered around for a few hours giving us just enough time to walk off brunch and build up an appetite for our next stop (and my favorite), Grahamwich.  I died. Almost.

Enough of the blogs I looked at said that you had to try out their grilled cheese and cheese is by far my favorite food.  This is no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich though.  They make theirs with Wisconsin cheddar, cheese curds, prosciutto, tomato marmalade and lots of butter. Delish. Delish. And, delish.

It was a great mid-day snack. :)

Then we headed down the road to Portillo's where I read you could get an amazing, Italian beef sandwich.

I'm not a huge beef and peppers kind of person, but I still thought it was really good. My husband was in heaven and loved every bite.

This doesn't really have anything to do with food, but if you are wanting to get a great view of the city, instead of paying $18/person to go stand on the Skydeck at Willis Tower (I'm too chicken anyway), you can head to the John Hancock building and go all the way up to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor where you can make better use of that $18 dollars by getting a drink and some food while enjoying the same view.

We chose the Signature Lounge and it was awesome.   You will most likely have to wait on line, but it moves really quickly.

And FYI to all you ladies, this picture below was taking from the women's restroom! It seriously was the best view in the entire place! Ha!

For dessert, we stopped in the Ghirardelli store which was right across the street from the John Hancock building and enjoyed a free piece of chocolate!

For dinner that night we ate at Xoco which is one of the Mexican-type restaurants owned by Top Chef Master Rick Bayless.  Xoco is much more casual than the others.  It's an order at the counter type of place but the food was superb.  Seriously.  I can only image delicious his other restaurants are.  

We ended our day in Chicago completely satisfied, exhausted and stuff of good eats.  If your heading to Chicago anytime soon you should check out these restaurants! You won't be disappointed! 

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