It's a...

Our sweet little baby is a sweet little boy!!

It sure does take the pregnancy to an entirely different level when you can put a gender (and hopefully soon, a name) to the little person that is growing inside of you.  It has been an awesome couple of days getting used to calling him a "he" instead of "it" and we even felt him kick for the first time Friday night!  Feeling him move for the first time sent my heart soaring.  So amazing.

We headed to the doctor Tuesday afternoon for a regular exam/check up and he said that although it is a little early, he would see if the baby was in a good enough position to figure out the gender.

We decided we didn't want to find out right then and there, so we had him write down on a piece of paper what it was so we could open it over dinner together.

So excited we could barely contain ourselves. ^^^

When we finally opened the envelope this is what we found:

So technically, we are only 92.8% sure it's a boy... or the doctor is... ??

The baby was upside down and completely stretched out making it a little harder to get a good, clear shot.  We go back in a week to double check so if all of the sudden you start seeing pink everywhere, you'll know why. But, for the last month I had a pretty strong gut feeling it was a boy, and right before we opened up the envelope to find out, Bobby changed his guess to boy. So we feel pretty go about it. :)

And just for fun, here's a recent picture from this past week of my growing baby bump that finally has stopped looking like I've just been eating doughnuts all day long.

In other news, Bobby goes into the studio tomorrow and Tuesday with the musicians to cut all the tracks for the album! I plan on going during my lunch hour and hopefully after work so I'll keep y'all updated and take some pictures too!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's out there today! I hope you are feeling extra special and extra loved on this beautiful day!

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